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Below is a list of new (and returning) HOLA members who joined between November 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. (Note that "returning members" refer to those members who have returned to HOLA after having their memberships expire for some time and do not include renewing members.)

Top row, left to right: Robert AlmonteGus A. Benedicto; second 
row, left to rightCésar Cruz, Gilbert Cruzthird row, left to rightArantxa De Juan, Gregoria Feliz; fourth row, left to rightVictoria Freire, Cal Hunter; fifth row, left to rightJoel Luna, Joseph Ortizsixth row, left to rightRafael Antonio Pacheco, Pamela Raffaniniseventh row, left to rightEric RamírezHaydee Riveraeighth row, left to rightSolanyi Rodríguez, Naya Rodríguez-Castiñado; ninth row, left to right: J. Santana, Fermín Suáreztenth row, left to rightÚrsula TinocoPaola Tonini; bottom rowJason Torres; Clairet Villamizar.

Not pictured: Ángela SantanaFernanda Skorput.

Banner Ads Now Available on HOLA Website

Wanna promote your upcoming stage production? Your upcoming film screening? Your upcoming special event?

HOLA members often get publicity in our Members in Performance page, but what if you could promote on our main homepage, or in our directory (The HOLA Pages), where more people can see your ad?

What if you had a project with no HOLA members that you wanted to promote?

What if you wanted to promote something that wasn’t a show (like your production company itself or a new website)?

Now you can do so by BUYING A BANNER AD on the HOLA website.

Banner ads come in half-page and full-page sizes and can be on the HOLA website for one week, two weeks, three weeks or a whole month. HOLA can also link your ad to a particular website at no additional cost.

Prices on the banner ads are affordable. Also, not-for-profit organizations receive a 10% discount on ad prices.

The HOLA website receives thousands of visits each month. The HOLA website is viewed by many professionals in the industry and is a unique way of reaching the Latino/Hispanic and mainstream audiences, which make buying a banner ad a smart investment for you.

Wanna buy a banner ad? Call (212) 253-1015 or (888) 624-HOLA or e-mail us for prices and ad dimensions.

HOLA Regional Membership Available For Those Outside New York Metropolitan Area

If you are an actor who lives in an area of the U.S. outside of the New York metropolitan area, New Jersey or Connecticut (HOLA's programming and administrative headquarters region), HOLA is proud to announce its Regional Membership level - for only $65 (versus a $125 regular NYC region membership price) for one full year!

As an HOLA Regional Member, you'll be entitled to the following member benefits:

• Your headshot, resume, reel and voiceover demo*  showcased on the HOLA Pages, the internet's only concentrated source of Latino acting talent. The directory is a trusted resource for casting directors, producers and talent agents receiving, on average, over 5,000 visits per month. (* There is an additional charge 
of $15 for adding your voiceover demo.)

• Your performances listed and promoted via HOLA's website and social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) that reaches thousands of people in the entertainment industry.

• Casting notices that will alert you to employment opportunities tailored to the Latino actor.

• Advocacy to combat stereotypes of the Latino/Hispanic community in media and entertainment as well as the opportunity to join in solidarity with the Latino/Hispanic acting community.

Application for regional memberships accepted by telephone order only. Call HOLA toll free at (888) 524-HOLA or (888) 524-4652. (VISA, MasterCard and American Express accepted.) Please submit your headshot (in .jpg format) and resume in a Word 
document or in Portable Data Format (.doc or .docx; or .pdf) via e-mail to HOLA.

Why Join HOLA? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About HOLA

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is HOLA an agency or management company?
No. While we work similarly to an agency or an artist management company, we do a lot more. In essence, HOLA is a membership organization, a not-for-profit arts service and advocacy organization that offers jobs and casting opportunities, workshops and seminars and special events to its membership.

• Does one have to audition for HOLA?
No. HOLA is a membership organization. Just pay the annual membership and you become an HOLA member.

• I am a new actor. Does HOLA apply to me and how so? (Or conversely, I have a fair amount of experience. How does HOLA apply to me?)
HOLA members range from the beginner to the established and everywhere in between. HOLA will apply to you at every stage of your career.

• Do I have to speak Spanish (or Portuguese) to be an HOLA member?
No. HOLA members speak English only, Spanish only, or both languages fluently. Our Brazilian members speak Portuguese as well as English. There is no requirement for any member to speak Spanish (or Portuguese) to be an HOLA member.

• What kind of casting notices do you receive?
HOLA receives all kinds of casting notices— from union and nonunion, through the disciplines of film, television, theater and voiceover. The majority of our notices are distributed to our membership. There are some instances, whether because of short notice or because of the search for something very specific, that HOLA makes referrals to certain talent.

• I have signed representation. Would that be in conflict with HOLA?
No. In fact, we would put your signed representative’s name and number on your online profile. It would be another way to promote yourself without conflict.

• If I book a job through HOLA, do I owe you a commission?
No. We are not an agency or artist management company. You are under no obligation to give us a commission. (But if you want to show your appreciation with a donation, we’ll be forced to take it, I suppose.)

• I am in the process of getting my citizenship. Could I still join HOLA?
Yes. As long as you can legally work in the U.S., you can join HOLA.

• Does HOLA have a social media presence?
Yes. We are on FacebookTwitter and have our own channel on YouTube. In addition, we are on Wikipedia and have our own blog, titled El Blog de HOLA.

• What if I am not an actor but I like what you do?
You could support HOLA by becoming a Friend of HOLA and donating to the organization. If you are a producer or director, a Friend of HOLA donation allow us to promote your productions!

All About Becoming an HOLA Member or a Friend of HOLA

Wanna be an HOLA member? Wanna know more about HOLA first?

 is a not-for-profit arts service and advocacy organization founded in 1975.

HOLA members get their headshots and resumes on our web directory. In addition, HOLA receives casting notices from various sources that we pass on to our members (or in specific cases, help refer actors to the casting director).

HOLA offers low-cost workshops and seminars, professional counseling, special events and networking activities. We also produce the HOLA Awards which honor outstanding achievement by Latinos in entertainment.

HOLA has a Facebook page and a Twitter page in addition to this blog (imaginatively titled El Blog De HOLA). Whenever a member is doing a project, we can promote via e-mails we send out, through our Members in Performance page on the website or in El Blog on our HOLA Member Bochinche column (only good bochinche, never bad bochinche). It functions as another outlet to promote your work. HOLA is also on YouTube and on Wikipedia.

What if you are not an actor? You can support HOLA by being a Friend of HOLA. For more information, click here.

To become an HOLA member online (New York metropolitan area), fill out the member application form here.

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A common complaint is that Latinos don't see themselves enough in film and television. (Or if we are on television and film screens, the images of ourselves can be quite limiting.)

Another concern often brought up is that mainstream U.S. producers do not know how to market to Latinos. (Will Mexican Americans see a film about a Caribbean Latino in New York? Will a Caribbean Latino in New York see a movie about Chicanos in the Southwest?)

Yet another common remark is that once a Latino project is presented to Latinos, Latinos don't watch it on television, nor pay for tickets at the movie theater nor support in any other way (which is not necessarily true, by the way).

Well, there are ways to remedy some of these issues, and one is simply by supporting Latino work– go see that independent film by a Latino director, or that story that doesn't show Latinos in a stereotypical way. Go see the television shows with Latino cast members in it and the handful of television series about Latinos (even if they turn out to not be great, at least take the time to see the first couple of episodes). And if it is a webseries, get online and see it on your computer or smartphone. Buy tickets and attend theater written by Latinos, directed by Latinos and/or produced by Latinos. Buy that novel by a Latino author (perhaps he/she may already have a Pulitzer on his/her mantel).

And now with the advent of social media, there is another, extremely easy way to support Latino work. Whenever you are tweeting or posting about a Latino project just add the phrase "#SupportLatinoWork". Imagine if thousands (or tens or hundreds of thousands or more) use this hashtag so that #SupportLatinoWork becomes a trending topic.

By adding this hashtag, you can...

• Show your support for a Latino project via simple promotion
• Tell the "powers-that-be" how to better know what we like and market to us accordingly
• Unify the Latino consumer so that we can transform our growing numbers into purchasing power
• Proclaim that "Latino work" (work that reflects Latinos in ways based on reality and not simply stereotypes) is something you as a consumer like and want more of in the near future.

With recent film projects like Gun Hill Road; Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones; Cantinflas; and Instructions Not Included either racking up awards at film festivals and/or breaking records at the box office; and television shows such as "The George López Show",  "Ugly Betty", and "Jane The Virgin" being successful and creating a cultural impact in the United States of America, OUR VOICES CAN AND NEED TO BE HEARD.

And perhaps #SupportLatinoWork can be a clarion call, a simple way Latinos can stand up and say, "¡Presente!" to the mainstream powers that be (even if we do it sitting down at our computers and typing it on our keyboards).

If you want to see more non-stereotypical images of Latinos in the media, if you want to be able to know when and where Latino stories are being presented in film and television, if you want to see YOU on film, television and new media, it's the least you can do.


HOLA Turns 40 in 2015 – Initiates #40For40 Campaign For Its 40th Anniversary

HOLA turns 40 in 2015!!

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) is turning 40 in 2015!! (we know, we know, everyone tells us we look 32.) Anyway, for our 40th birthday, we would like to celebrate all year long and continue to provide the services and the advocacy for our members that we have been doing since 1975.

In order to do so, we present our 40 For 40 fundraising campaign. We are asking for donations of
 at least $40 (or multiples of 40) to commemorate our 40th birthday. 

With membership dues and government funding only providing a portion of our annual budget, we need the support of people like you to help us continue our work.

Your contribution would enable us to continue and expand our HOLAfábrica workshops and seminars initiative, as well as our other programs (HOLAfestivalHOLAtalksHOLA After The Curtain/Después Del TelónEl Blog de HOLA).

In addition, we are proud to continue our collaboration with Prime Latino Media bringing you monthly networking events for actors and filmmakers, as well as our professional collaborations with organization such as ABC/Disney and the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

But we cannot do it without your support. Please consider donating to HOLA for our 40 For 40 campaign. Donating is easy. Just give us a call at (212) 253-1015 or (888) 624-HOLA or by going online clicking HERE to donate.

Your contribution is tax-deductible to within the full extent of the law.

HOLA is an arts service and advocacy organization dedicated to expanding the presence of Hispanic artists in entertainment and media through the cultivation, education and recognition of emerging artists. HOLA strives for an accurate, informed and non-stereotyped portrayal of the full spectrum of Latino culture and heritage in all entertainment and media industries.

HOLA Member Bochinche

Bochinche refers to “gossip”. In this sense, we use it to mention HOLA members or Friends of HOLA who are getting acting, performance or similarly artistic gigs and/or recognition in the media. The names of HOLA members and Friends of HOLA are listed below in boldface. To see what other HOLA members are doing currently, click here.

Manuel A. Morán was profiled by Miriam Fernández Soberón of Esmeralda magazine, where he spoke on his life and career as an actor, director and producer of Teatro SEA. To read the article, which is in Spanish, click on the photo at right.

Francisco Ramos was just cast in the miniseries "XXistence" (written by Emilio Rosa and produced by Taino Rosa Productions), scheduled to begin shooting in the beginning of 2015.

Gloria ZelayaPaola Poucel and Juan Chaves star in Lobo: An Orisha Tale (written and directed by Lina Sarrello). The short film is an official selection of the  Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, scheduled to take place January 23-25, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami, Florida. For more information, click here.

J. Santana, shown at left, is in the middle of a flurry of activity for 2015, as he is about to star in the films Hustler's Life (directed by David Wilson), and K.I.L. (directed by Joseph Valentino), both of which are currently in states of pre-production and scheduled to be shot in New York City.

Héctor Luis Rivera2014 HOLA Awards recipient Kathy Tejadaand Jason Torres are co-starring in the music video for the song "Asesinos" by the music group Mala Entraña (directed by Alain Aguilar). A teaser for the video was released and can be seen below.

Asesinos Teaser - Jan 2015 from Alain Aguilar on Vimeo.

If you are an HOLA member or a Friend of HOLA and want to submit a bochinche item, send us an e-mail. If you live in the New York metropolitan area and want to be an HOLA member, why not join? If you live outside the New York metropolitan area and want to be an HOLA member, you can find out more information on how to do so by clicking here. If you are not a Friend of HOLA, why not become one?

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2014: Year in HOLA

The year 2014 has been quite an eventful year for Latinos in the arts and media and for the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) in particular. Take a look at some of the things that occurred in 2014. 

HOLA initiatives, events and workshops/seminars
have bullets marked in red.
Advocacy issues and efforts have bullets marked in blue.
Union affairs have bullets marked in green
Notable news items have bullets marked in purple.
Guest blogs
 have bullets marked in aqua.


• The film Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is released, becomes a huge hit for Paramount Pictures. The film, a side project of the Paranormal Activity franchise, had a Latino cast and story and premiered tri-nationally (U.S.A., Canada and Mexico). Its opening weekend had it at number 2 at the U.S. box office (right behind megahit Frozen). (Click HERE for more information.)
 Axel Caballero named new Executive Director of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP); Kirk Whisler and Rosa Alonso named NALIP Board Co-chairs. (Click HERE for more information.)
• An agent from a boutique talent agency used HOLA to exclusively expand its stable of Latino/Hispanic talent. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Alfonso Cuarón wins the Golden Globe for directing Gravity. He would later receive two Academy Award (Oscar) nominations for the same film (for direction and editing). (Click HERE for more information.)

 Rita Moreno wins the 2014 SAG Lifetime Award from SAG-AFTRA, adding to her long list of awards (which include the Oscar, Tony, Grammy, two Emmys, the Golden Globe and the HOLA Award). (Click HERE for more information.)
 Prime Latino Media Salón – Alternatives: Programming Channels & Music. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)

 CNNE (the parent company of CNN) closes down CNN Latino. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Television for U.S. Latinos, a two-part blog, highlights the mun2 (soon to be NBC Universo), nuvoTV (formerly Sí TV), Fusion and El Rey networks. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)
 HOLA After The Curtain: The Happiest Song Plays Last. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)
• Guest Blog by Louis Perego Moreno: Comcast Swoops on Time Warner. (Click HERE for more information.)
• A new study by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at the University of California-Los Angeles finds that diversity in film and TV projects yield high ratings and revenue. (Click HERE for more information.)

• Alfonso Cuarón becomes the first Latino (and first person of color) to win the Academy Award for direction (for his film Gravity). It was one-third of a hat trick for artists born in Mexico as Emmanuel Lubeski picked up an Oscar for cinematography (also for Gravity) and Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 12 Years A Slave. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Helming The Bard: Directors Tackle Shakespeare. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Prime Latino Media Salón – Four Latino Actors-Turned-Directors. (Click HEREHERE and HERE for more information.)
• Prime Latino Media Salón – Five Urban Latino Comedians in Webseries. (Click HEREHERE and HERE for more information.)
• All About the Fifteenth Letter of the (Spanish) Alphabet: Ñ. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Guest Blog by Manolo García Oliva: Una requesta de la afirmación que el teatro latino en NY necesita un rescate. (Click HERE for more information.) 
• HOLA member (and previous host of the HOLA Awards) Rafael Bello wins two New York Emmy Awards. (Click HERE for more information.) 

 HOLA institutes a series of guest blogs entitled HOLAwave. (Click HERE for more information.)
 NuvoTV and its Chief Creative Officer, Jennifer López, buys Fuse TV from MSG Network. (Click HERE for more information.)
 New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Names Producer Cynthia López Film Czar. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Spanish-Language Voiceover Workshop with Manuel Herrera. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)
 Danny Burstein and Rubén Santiago Hudson among the Latino performers nominated for a New York Outer Critics Circle Award. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Nick Cordero and Rubén Santiago Hudson among the Latino performers nominated for the New York Drama League Outstanding Performer Award. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Netflix To Launch Spanish-Language Series From Guz Alazraki. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Danny Burstein, Nick Cordero, Bobby Moreno, and Rubén Santiago Hudson among the 2014 Drama Desk nominees. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Oscar Hijuelos Childhood Home Honored with Memorial Plaque. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Guest blog by Louis Perego-Moreno (Tío Louie): Interview with director Josef Wladyka (Manos sucias). (Click HERE for more information.)
• Danny Burstein and Isabel Toledo among the Latino Tony nominees. (Click HERE for more information.)

 Lin-Manuel Miranda and Lili Estefan are among the Latinos nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Nick Cordero, et al. win 2014 Theatre World Awards. (Click HERE for more information.) 
 Danny Burstein: Interview with un tico en Broadway. (Click HERE for more information.)
• David Henry Hwang on the Evolving Opinions of Racial Casting. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Roberto Orci To Directing Star Trek III, Replacing J.J. Abrams. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Slate Confirms What Many Latinos (And Non-Latinos) Already Know– The Prevalence of Español in the Estados Unidos de América. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Prime Latino Media Salón – Up & Coming: Actress and Documentary Filmmaker. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)

 2014 Hollywood Diversity Report from UCLA’s Bunche Center Show Woeful Lack of Opportunities for Artists of Color. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Hispanic Audiences Are In The Driver’s Seat in Hollywood. (Click HERE
 for more information.) 
• New York’s Film Czar Preserves Indie Spirit. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Prime Latino Media Salón – Éxito: From Latin America to New York. (Click HERE and HERE
 for more information.)
 Columbia University Report Suggests “Persistent and Unchecked Job Discrimination” of Latinos in U.S. Media (Despite Growing Population and Buying Power). (Click HERE for more information.) 
• New York Surpasses L.A. in Pilot Production For The First Time. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Disney/ABC holds an exclusive on-camera workshop for HOLA members as part of its annual talent diversity showcase.

• Telemundo and Sony Pictures TV enter into a three-year production alliance. (Click HERE for more information.)
• The merged SAG-AFTRA takes another step in combining the former health care systems of SAG and AFTRA. (Click HERE
 for more information.)
• Univision and Telemundo battle it out on a digital front. (Click HERE for more information.)
 El Arte del Voiceover Workshop with Manuel Herrera. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Louis C.K., Fred Armisen, Lin-Manuel Miranda, et al., among the Latino Emmy nominees. (Click HERE for more information.)
 SAG-AFTRA National Board Approves Tentative Agreement with the American Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). (Click HERE for more information.)
 Prime Latino Media Salón – Hermanos/Support: Networking 101. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)
 “Jane The Virgin” Star Gina Rodríguez On Seeing Yourself (And Your Cultural Identity) On Screen. (Click HERE for more information.)

• The 2014 HOLA Awards Announcement Ceremony. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)
• Prime Latino Media Salón. – Dreamers. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)
 Univision claimed the top spot in the July sweeps ratings race, for the second consecutive year beating the four English-language giants: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC. (Click HERE
 for more information.)
• Do We Really Need ‘Diversity’ Offices? (Click HERE for more information.) 
• Filmmaker/network head Robert Rodríguez talks about storytelling and “Hispanic” stories. (Click HERE for more information.) 
California Lawmakers Unveil Overhaul of Its Film and TV Tax Lottery. (Click HERE for more information.) 
• Not Much of a Latino Presence in Hollywood Films (Despite Being The Fastest Growing Minority in the United States of America). (Click HERE for more information.) 
 Latinas Most Likely To Be Naked On Screen, According To Study. (Click HERE for more information.) 
• Lights, Camera, Struggle? Hollywood Latinos Speak Out. (Click HERE for more information.)
10 Extremely Problematic Realities About Latinos in Hollywood (And Some Hope). (Click HERE for more information.) 
 SAG-AFTRA Ratifies 2014 TV/Theatrical Contracts. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Louis C.K. and Lin-Manuel Miranda are among the Latinos winning 2014 Primetime Emmys. (Click HERE for more information.)
• 9 Latina Stars Who Aren’t Hypersexualized on TV. (Click HERE for more information.) 
 Filmmaker/network head Robert Rodríguez on keeping his name, creating a star system of his own and using El Rey Network to realistically represent Latinos on television. (Click HERE for more information.)

 Cantinflas Biopic Does Well at U.S. Box Office in Limited Release Opening Weekend. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Rosie Pérez Named New Co-Host of ABC’s “The View”, Becoming the First Latina Host in the Show’s 18-Year History. (Click HERE for more information.)

• Latinos Are Top Moviegoers, Yet Few Roles in Top Movies. (Click HERE for more information.)  
• Academy Award nominee Demián Bichir talks about diversity and Latino representation on TV. (Click HERE for more information.)
 John Leguizamo talks about the limited roles for Latino actors. (Click HERE for more information.)
 How Latinos Can Solve Hollywood’s Slump. (Click HERE for more information.)
 HOLA Members On Television This Fall Season. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Prime Latino Media Salón – Hispanic Heritage: Flying High. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Guest blog by Hernando Caicedo: Hispanic Heritage Month… ¿eh, qué? (Click HERE for more information.)
• Disney-owned Maker Studios partners with Latino content creator Mitú to target the online Hispanic market in the U.S. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Spanish-Language Voiceover Workshop with Manuel Herrera. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)

• Hollywood’s Most Bankable Latina Actress is Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Andrea Navedo on “Jane The Virgin”, Being a Superfast Version of Michelle Rodríguez and the Importance of  Just Showing Up. (Click HERE for more information.)

 Cristela Alonzo talks on being the first Latina to write and star in her own show and why she loves Roseanne. (Click HERE for more information.)
• The 2014 HOLA Awards. (Click HERE for more information.)

Academy Award nominee Rosie Pérez Says Latin Hollywood Told Her Not To “Rock The Boat”. (Click HERE for more information.)

 Zoë Saldaña On Why She Wants The Word “Ethnic” To Disappear. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Do Minority Actors Have A Duty To Reject Stereotypes? (Click HERE for more information.) 
 Sofía Vergara Talks About Latino Representation on Television. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Lead roles for Latino actors as U.S. television notes shift in social and economic power. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Guest blog by Rénoly Santiago: The Importance of Keeping Consistency in Performance. (Click HERE for more information.) 

 HOLA Members Abound at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival (IPRHFF) in New York City This November. (Click HERE for more information.) 
 Spanish-Language Cabler mun2 To Relaunch As NBC Universo. (Click HERE for more information.) 
 Hollywood’s Diversity Sham: How TV and Movies Save Face By Casting Minority Extras. (Click HERE for more information.) 
 In The Land of Make-Believe, Racial Diversity is a Fantasy. (Click HERE for more information.) 
 2014 HOLAfestival – short film festival and webseries edition. (Click HEREHEREHERE and HERE for more information.)
 NALIP Renews Board Leadership. (Click HERE for more information.) 

 Holiday Fiesta featuring the Padrino and Madrina Awards. (Click HERE and HERE for more information.)
 SAG-AFTRA Board Approves Network Television Code (Netcode) Deal; Sends The Agreement to Members To Be Ratified. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Alejandro González Iñárritu, Emmanuel Lubezki, Alfred Molina, Andrea Suárez Paz Among Latinos Nominated at the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards. (Click HERE for more information.)
 "Louie", "Modern Family", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Orange is the New Black" Among The Projects Where Latinos Are Nominated for 2015 SAG Awards. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Cristela Alonzo, Gina Rodríguez and Pedro Pascal among the breakout stars of television in 2014, according to Moviefone. (Click HERE for more information.)
 González Iñárritu, Louis C.K., Gina Rodríguez Among the Latinos Nominated for 2015 Golden Globe Awards. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Writer-director Alexander Dinelaris on BirdmanThe Bodyguard musical in the U.K., and getting On Your Feet! with Gloria and Emilio Estefan. (Click HERE for more information.)
 González Iñárritu-helmed Birdman leads the nominations of the Critics' Choice Movie Awards; Zoë Saldaña, Rosario Dawson also nominated. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman Continues Generating Awards Season Buzz As It Earns London Critics' Circle Film Awards Nominations. (Click HERE for more information.)
• Time Warner Signs On As Primary Supporter of NALIP Latino Film Incubation Program. (Click HERE for more information.)
 Guest blog by Rénoly Santiago: Holiday Blessings and Staying Focused. (Click HERE for more information.)
• HOLA's own Manuel Herrera featured in SAG-AFTRA New York e-newsletter. (Click HERE for more information.) 

HOLA members have been very busy this year as well. And some of their gigs have been due to them being HOLA members. Whether HOLA members received work from a casting announcement we send to them via e-mail, a direct referral or through a casting director finding the actor’s information on our online directory, it makes us proud to see our members working. Some of the jobs that HOLA members received as a result of their membership are listed below.

Film, Television and New Media (including webseries)
Francisca Alegría
Ricardo Bacallao
Jaehyuk Choi + Mario Garza
Comcast-NBC Universal/Telemundo
Julián Juaquín Conde
Antonio De La Cruz
Gran Manzana Films
Raymond Hernández
Joyas Media
Mariel Mayorga
Raymond Montañez
Orpheus Group Casting
Abraham Rozenbaum
Lina Sarrello
XPress Film Company

Alphabeta Productions
Cabrini Repertory Theater
Columbia Stages
E3Outlaws Productions
Group of the Arts 
Lark Play Development Center
Lehman Stages
Lone Star Theater Company
Alfonso Ramírez
Repertorio Español
United Productions Company

Access Health
ACE Detergent
Burlington Coat Factory 
Wendy Curiel
Del Valle Casting
Elsie Stark Casting/Stark Naked Productions
Food and Drug Administration
Health and Insurance Planning
Western Union 

[The above only indicates the jobs that HOLA members have informed us they received through HOLA and may not represent all the jobs received by HOLA members through HOLA membership.]

Que en Paz Descansen / Rest in Peace
Alma Muriel
Carmen Zapata
Nelson Ned
Mónica Spear
Luis Ávalos
Tony Díaz
Génesis Carmona
Paco de Lucía
José Wilker
Alfredo Alcón
José "Cheo" Feliciano
 Gabriel García Márquez
Ken Allaire
Jack Agüeros
Abdón Villamizar 
Gloria Irizarry
Gustavo Cerati
Eloísa Castellanos
China Zorrilla 
Elizabeth García de Rivera
Elizabeth Peña
Héctor Arredondo 
Roberto Gómez Bolaños "Chespirito"
Lina Gallegos
Carlos "Topy" Mamery