Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Works of the 2014 HOLAfestival

Below you will see videos of the pieces screened at the 2014 HOLAfestival, which took place on Monday, December 1, 2014 at Teatro LATEA, located in the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center (home to HOLA) in New York City.

[Names in boldface indicate HOLA members and/or Friends of HOLA. Caution: The videos below contain some strong language.]

Webseries pilot: “Rocky”
Written by Alberto Bonilla
Directed by Melissa Macleod Herion
Produced by Alberto Bonilla
Stars: Alberto Bonilla, Joshua Warr, Simone Serra.
The adventures of straight guy Jesús and his gay best friend and “wingman” Josh.

Josh and Jesus w: Rocky from Alberto Bonilla on Vimeo.

Webseries: “The Oscars Special” (Webisode 6)
Written by Elaine Del Valle and Holie Barker
Directed by Taryn Kosviner and Elaine Del Valle
Produced by Del Valle Productions and Al Eskanazy
Stars: Elaine Del Valle, Gina Tuttle, Holie Barker, et al.
Special Guest Star: Luis Antonio Ramos
“Reasons Y I’m Single” is a comedy webseries about being single, over 35 and under fabulous. Joan, Doris and Gina are unlikely friends that met decades ago at Banana Splits summer camp. (Banana Splits is a therapy group for kids of divorce.) Now in their 30s and living in NYC, the women share experiences and wonder "Y" (why) they are single.

Webseries: “Studio Heads Try To Keep Their Jobs” (Webisode 6 - Season Finale)
Written by Michael Díaz (aka Juan Bago) and Jaime Fernández
Directed by Jaime Fernández and Anthony Palmini
Produced by Heights Entertainment
Stars: Michael Díaz, Jaime Fernández, Anthony Palmini, et al.
Special Guest Star: Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Studio Heads” is an original web series that follows the misadventures of self-proclaimed "internet sensation" Juan Bago as he builds a production company. Joining forces with friends Jaime (an aspiring "R&B slow jam singer") and Anthony (an aspiring "important acting award winning actor") he creates Enharmonics, a production company he hopes will bring them fame, fortune, and mad YouTube groupies. Follow the journey of three men who decide to pursue their dreams against all obstacles - obstacles like "having talent," and "possessing a basic understanding of companies" - and find themselves a little in over their heads.

Short Film
Written and directed by Anthony Ruiz and Ed Trucco
Additional dialogue by Armando Riesco
Story by Ed Trucco
Produced by Two Productions and Laura Trucco
Stars: Ed Trucco, Armando Riesco, Mateo Gómez, Laura Gómez, Susanna Guzmán, A.B. Lugo
Some people have skeletons in their closets, these two guys have an entire graveyard. A short dark comedy.

Webseries: “S3E2 - Season 3, Webisode 1– Hallelujah”
Written and directed by Vanessa Verduga
Produced by Vanessa Verduga
Stars: Vanessa Verduga, Lee J. Kaplan, Luke Guldan, Lino Del Core, Jessica Fontaine, Patricia González Olvera, Chelsea Marino, Chiz Schultz, Tony White, Omar González
”Justice Woman” is a comedy-drama series that follows the story of Sofía Escala, a spunky Assistant District Attorney, who is determined to fight injustices within the legal system and the fiasco that she and her office mate, Robert Gallion, get into as a result thereof. A campy series that pays homage to superheroes of yesteryear with an engaging storyline that involves Sofía bringing to light questionable practices in the prosecution of the city's cases, most notably the incarceration of an innocent migrant worker, Jesús López, and her quest to prove his innocence with the help of Robert and few more friends she encounters on her journey along the road to justice. 

The 2014 HOLAfestival was dedicated to the memory of Lina Gallegos, an HOLA member whose stage play Carmen's Pearl opened the 2011 HOLAfestival.

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