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Happy Holidays/Felices Fiestas

Happy holidays from everyone at HOLA.
Felices fiestas de parte de todos en HOLA.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Prime Latino Media Salón (November 2017) - Holiday Fiesta + Padrino/Madrina Awards


New York’s monthly series for independent
Latino multimedia-makers, actors & musicians

The Green Room in New World Stages 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 ~ 7-10:30pm

“A support network to advocate, promote & advance
mainstream & Latino projects in English & Spanish.”

Latinos Unidos for Annual
It’s that time of the year, again. It’s familia homecoming reunion for the holidays. Gather together to reconnect with your familia of independent Latino multimedia-makers, actors and musicians as we honor those who give selflessly to our community as we crown them with our annual Madrina and Padrino Awards – and this year there are multiple awardees. More than ever we need to stick together in advent of the divisive U.S. political climate, the aftermath of both the Mexican earthquake and Hurricane María in Puerto Rico. Plus the official rollout of the PRIME LATINO MEDIA Estela Institute devoted to Latina artists. Reconvene, recharge & forge ahead into 2018. Join community for networking, conversation and drinks as
¡Latinos Unidos!”

  •    Moderator: TÍO LOUIE/Louis E. Perego Moreno, Founder/Executive Producer of PRIME LATINO MEDIA Salón & President, Skyline Features
7-8pm: Networking
8-8:20pm: TÍO LOUIE: 2017 PRIME LATINO MEDIA Padrino Awards: Javier Gómez, Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA), Gisella Fu-Ripp, Cionin Lorenzo, Ingrid Mat
ías, Genziana Pandolfi, Estela Rizzuto and Laura E. Wendt
8:20-8:30pm: Music by Patricia Lewis a/k/a Melogía from Puerto Rico
8:30-10:30pm: Networking

Location: New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street
(between Eighth & Ninth avenues), NYC

January 2018 with NY Women in Film & TV 

(Formed November 2017) Mission Statement: an innovative collective of Latina multimedia-makers and performers that advocate for the advancement of its members through peer mentorship, professional and financial development.


er E. Gómez                 Twitter: @JavierEGomez1           
Puerto Rican-born actor/producer, has over 20 years experience nurturing the arts between NYC and Puerto Rico. He is an award-winning journalist and communications director with vast experience in cultural policy, advocacy, fundraising and legislative reform.  Javier currently hosts Dialogo Abierto, a weekly Spanish-language public affairs program on BronxNet-TV and founded High Pitch Public Relations, a boutique firm that specializes in Hispanic media outreach. His clients include The MirRam Group, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton on Broadway & the National Puerto Rican Day Parade.

                                 Twitter: @HOLAOfficial 
Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors
An arts service and advocacy organization dedicated to expanding the presence of Hispanic artists in entertainment and media through the cultivation, education and recognition of emerging artists. While expanding job opportunities for Hispanic actors, HOLA strengthens and supports the available talent pool through its professional educational services and awards for excellence in theater. Ultimately, HOLA strives for an accurate, informed and non-stereotyped portrayal of Hispanic culture, people and heritage in theatre, film, television, radio and commercials. The Award is given to its Board of Directors and leadership.

Gisella Fu-Ripp  
Twitter: @Gisellafu1        Instagram: Gisellafu
She has been working in the Hispanic media industry for over 17 years in sales roles that started with Univision Radio and later in TV for companies such as Telemundo National, Discovery en Español Network, Azteca TV, to name a few. Currently she is the Director of Sales for LATV Networks, a bilingual bicultural alternative network targeting Latino Millennials. Gisella is a New Yorker, from a Chinese-Ecuadorian background and is passionate about the marketplace and being a mom to Josh.
Cionin Lorenzo    
Twitter & Instagram: @xionini
Born in Brooklyn, NY with roots in Spain and Puerto Rico, she is a story producer and director who worked at MTV Networks for over 15 years on high profile shows, such as Cribs and Diary. As Series Supervising Producer she successfully managed teams of 40+ and maintained seven-figure budgets. In 2011 she was Managing Director of NYILFF. She worked in Production at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is currently writing and developing projects for TV, film and digital.
Ingrid Mat
ías      Twitter & Instagram: @IngyTias
She has worked in the arts from the Apollo Theater for 13 years to YouTube in Global Pop-Up Studios. Ingrid has produced films from the short, Inspiragenesis to the award-winning feature, H.O.M.E. that is getting ready to make its European premiere on Nov 30th at the Festival de Cine de Zaragoza in Spain. She was VP of NALIP-NY from 2008-11. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French from Columbia University and a Master of Arts/ Media Studies from the University of Sussex in the UK.
Genziana Pandolfi    
Twitter & Instagram: Genzi_pandolfi
Born in the U.S and raised in Argentina, she graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.A. in Film Studies and B.F.A. in Film Production. Since in NY, she has worked in video production for the NYU Screenwriting Professor, Marilyn Horowitz; with Rybin Entertainment’s children’s training program and theatrical productions in Social Media Development and as Assistant Stage Manager; and has worked for three years for Skyline Features producing the monthly PRIME LATINO MEDIA Salóns and is the Director of Social Media and Engagement. She is fluently bilingual in Spanish & English.
Estela Rizzuto  
Twitter & Instagram: @erizzuto
Estela Rizzuto has more than 15 years experience in media and entertainment and digital marketing industries. She’s the former co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Latino Impact magazine, as well as marketing consultant to clients such as HBO Latino and A&E Networks. She has worked for MTV and Nickelodeon Latin America, as well as managed content and digital initiatives for companies including Cellfish Media, Impremedia and Music Choice. Currently, she runs her own business, StellarVisionLLC, working with clients for film, TV and digital projects. 

Laura E. Wendt      
Instagram: gracefulew
A practiced global media industry leader with world class brands such as Disney, Viacom and Turner Broadcasting. She had two overseas stints, one with Viacom in London in the 1990s and more recently as Managing Director of Disney Channels across Asia. She has a Master’s in Media Studies from The New School and a Bachelor’s in Journalism from NYU. She was on the Board of Directors of the non-profit, Skyline Community for ten years devoted to the video training of Latino & Black Youth who developed documentary shorts on social, public and mental health issues.

Holiday Performance from Puerto Rico: MUSICIAN & SINGER
Patricia Lewis Roma
n a/k/a Melogía Instagram: Melogía_Music
Professional singer & songwriter born & raised in Puerto Rico, she began playing the violin and then singing in a children's choir for the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory. She won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. Upon graduation, she picked up the guitar. Puerto Rican mother and African-American father, Melogía has a musical style blending her Latin and African-American roots creating Latin Soul – a mix of soul, jazz, bossa nova, Latin pop and bohemian ballads. She returned to Puerto Rico as a professional singer. She is now recording an album in the States & creating a documentary musical project.

Louis E. Perego Moreno (Moderator)Twitter: @TioLouie                  Instagram: ElTioLouie
Founder & Executive Producer of PRIME LATINO MEDIA, the largest network on the East Coast of independent Latino multimedia-makers, actors and musicians in bilingual Latino and mainstream media, digital and entertainment. He hosts PRIME LATINO MEDIA Salón, metro-New York's only monthly network gathering in which over 150 narrative & documentary filmmakers, programmers, casting agents, TV & digital media producers, actors and journalist/authors have been interviewed. An interactive content producer and educator who for the past 36 years has owned Skyline Features, a bilingual (English and Spanish-language) multimedia and educational production company developing documentaries, television programming and advertising commercials featuring Latinos, Blacks, Women, Urban Youth and LGBT. Created a non-profit video training program that over the course of ten years produced 70 documentary shorts with 1,500 Latino and Black Youth. Producer/Director/Writer of documentary feature, Latina Confessions (What does it mean to be Latina in the USA?) and on the PBS documentary feature as Co-producer of American Dreams Deferred, about a Puerto Rican family and their son’s journey graduating from NYU with a Master’s degree. For 13 years he served on a national level and for two years he was the President of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers in New York (NALIP). He has been serving for 20 years on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Latino Arts & Culture at Rutgers University.

FACEBOOK Group: Prime Latino Media
Twitter: @PLMSalon
Vimeo: TioLouie

Sample of Skyline Features work:

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Minima Dramatica: Theater As White Supremacy

Eva Perón.
This fall, both North Shore Music Theatre and San Diego Rep staged productions of Evita featuring an all-white cast. This event was brought to the attention of the Latinx theatre community through the Latinx Theatre Commons. In it, a lively debate was held, most notoriously, on the “whiteness” of Argentines and how pointless a debate about Evita really was. Though this debate never made it out of the Commons, it followed the same pattern as the other examples that have come up recently about whitewashing. Nevertheless, a couple of points: Yes, Evita is the production of two white Englishmen mostly based on a long-discredited book (The Woman with the Whip); yes, Eva Perón was white and Argentine; and yes, whiteness in Argentina is itself the product of a brand of white supremacy. However, this is a production of Evita taking place in the United States, a country whose privileging of whiteness is woven into the first paragraph of the Constitution, and which, since 1790s Naturalization Act, has made it very clear that the standard for citizenship is white, which only changed legally in 1952 with the Immigrant and Nationality Act. It is for that matter that we should talk for a second of what we really mean about whitewashing in the theater of this country. –actor, composer, director and producer JULIÁN J. MESRI

Check out the rest of the blog by Julián J. Mesri in CultureBot, which addresses the casting choices of recent productions of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical Evita, by clicking here.

2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Awards Recipients Announced – Otra historia & Toc toc toc

The recipients of the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Awards were announced at the 2017 HOLA Awards on Monday, October 16, 2017 at the Flamboyán Theater in New York City. The general public voted online for Outstanding Production and Outstanding Solo Production, respectively, in the New York City Latino theater season between July 1, 2016 and July 2, 2017. About 1200 votes (for over 128 productions) were cast, and the finalists (top four or five vote-getters) were announced shortly before the awards ceremony. The recipients of the award would be the playwright, director, actor(s) and producer(s) of the producer(s). The finalists are listed below in alphabetical order by title.

Outstanding Production
 Implications of Cohabitation (Sudaca Theater)
• La lechuga (Coquí Theater)
• Luz negra (Group of the Arts)
• Mirandolina/La posadera (Teatro Experimental Blue Amigos)
• Otra historia (Group of the Arts)

Outstanding Solo Production
• La bruta bruja Bruna (Group of the Arts)
• Marlene Goes To Hollywood (The ONE Festival)
• Me voy porque puedo (Vieira Productions)
• Toc toc toc (Monologando - Contando Ando Festival)

J. Edgar Mozoub.
With about 32% of the vote, the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Award recipient for Outstanding Production is Otra historia (Group of the Arts). Receiving the award was producer-director-actor J. Edgar Mozoub*; actors César Augusto CovaVíctor Alfonso Echavarría (see below), Gabriel García, Luis Alberto García*, Mayté Hernández*2017 HOLA Awards recipient Damiana Reyesand Mario Saldaña. Also receiving a 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Award for the production are producer Arberto Fernández and playwright Pedro Monge Rafuls. (Names marked with an asterisk indicate an HOLA member or a Friend of HOLA.)

Víctor Alfonso Echavarría 
accepting his 2017 HOLA
Performer's Choice Award.
With over 37% of the vote, the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Award recipient for Outstanding Solo Production is Toc toc toc (Monologando Contando Ando Festival). Receiving the award was actor Víctor Alfonso Echavarría (see above); director Martha Villada, and producer J.J. Franco. (Names marked with an asterisk indicate an HOLA member or a Friend of HOLA.)

Congratulations to all of the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Award recipients!!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Finalists Announced for the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Awards

The finalists for the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Award - Outstanding Production are the following (listed in alphabetical order by title).

Implications of Cohabitation (Sudaca Theater)
La lechuga (Coquí Theater)
Luz negra (Group of the Arts)
Mirandolina/La posadera (Teatro Experimental Blue Amigos)
Otra historia (Group of the Arts)

The finalists for the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Award - Outstanding Solo Production are the following (listed in alphabetical order by title).

La bruta bruja Bruna (Group of the Arts)
Marlene Goes To Hollywood (The ONE Festival)
Me voy porque puedo (Vieira Productions)
Toc toc toc (Monologando - Contando Ando Festival)

The winners of the 2017 HOLA Performer's Choice Awards will be announced during the 2017 HOLA Awards ceremony, scheduled to take place on Monday, October 16, 2017 at the Flamboyán Theater/The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center, located at 107 Suffolk Street in Manhattan's Loísaida neighborhood. For more information, click HERE.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Prime Latino Media Salón (October 2017) - Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: It Takes A Village

NYC monthly series for independent Latino multimedia-makers,
actors & musicians
@ The Green Room in New World Stages 

Join us at
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 • 7-10:30pm
“A support network to advocate, promote & advance independent mainstream & bilingual Latino projects in English & Spanish”

More than ever we need to get together as we support from Puerto Rico to Mexico. This defines us as a community of Latino multimedia-makers, actors & musicians. This is the year of “Latinos Unidos!” And these interviews embody individuals doing for our Latino community: whether it’s self-funding a film festival, pioneering theater from the Bronx to Manhattan and investing in the musical education of our youth. Join us as we feature proven & inspirational storytellers and partake in networking, conversation and drinks within our community in 2017 of “Latinos Unidos!”

7-8pm: Networking
8-9pm: TÍO LOUIE Reporta: Interviews Filmmaker & Artistic Theater Director
9-9:30pm: Musical Interview & live performance, “Salón Unplugged”
9:30-10:30pm: Networking

  Moderator: TIO LOUIE/Louis E. Perego Moreno, Founder/Executive Producer of PRIME LATINO MEDIA Salón & President, Skyline Features
     Interview #1/Multimedia-maker: Danny Hastings, filmmaker in his own right, Producer in NY of Official Latino Short Film Festival, Oct. 6-8, 2017.
     Interview #2/Actor: Rosalba Rolón; actor, director, and playwright. Founder of Pregones Theater newly merged with Puerto Rican Traveling Theater.
     Interview #3/Music: Arturo O’Farrill, born in Mexico & raised in NYC, he is a Grammy award-winning Afro Latin jazz pianist, composer and educator.


Location:  Green Room, New World Stages, 340 W. 50th Street (bet. 8th & 9th aves.), NYC
PRIME LATINO MEDIA Salón November 2017 with NY Women in Film & TV
Danny Hastings @dannyhastings & @officiallatino
Born in Sacramento to Panamanian and Mexican parents, he is director, editor, photographer, actor, writer with over 20 years experience. Hastings has directed major label artists’ music videos, experiencing over 1 billion YouTube hits and shooting over 150 album covers. He directed, wrote, produced and acted in the comedy, The Love Potion. Danny founded The Official Latino Short Film Festival, showcasing over 128 short films written, directed and produced by U.S. Latino filmmakers from all over the USA, eight international films and 10 from the US Diverse Community. This year’s theme is Guerrilla Filmmaking, taking place from 10/06-08th at LATEA Theater. Interview:


Rosalba Rolón    @rosalbarolon &        @pregonesprttArtistic Director of Pregones /Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, with venues in the Bronx and the Broadway District. She is a seasoned actor, director, and dramaturg specializing in adaptations through ensemble work for musical theater and plays. Some of her work includes Dancing In My Cockroach Killers, The Red Rose, Flybabies and Harlem Hellfigthers On A Latin Beat. National collaborations include Betsy-with Appalshop’s Roadside Theater/KY and Brides-with fellow actors in Belgium and the Slovak Republic. Recently showcased an explosive production of, I Like It Like That – A Musical to raving reviews. She is an appointed member of the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee, working towards the 2017 NYC Cultural Plan.

Interview #3: MUSICIAN

Arturo O’Farrill

A five-time Grammy award-winner, he is a pianist, composer, and educator. He began with the Carla Bley Big Band then went on to develop as a solo performer with artists ranging from Dizzy Gillespie to Wynton Marsalis. He directed the band that preserved his father’s music, the Chico O’Farrill Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra and traveled with them to Cuba, returning his father’s musicians to his homeland for performances at the Havana International Jazz Festival. Arturo’s Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra continues the tradition every Sunday night at Birdland. He founded the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, a not-for-profit devoted to performance, education & preservation of Afro Latin music.

Host/Moderator: PRIME LATINO MEDIA Salón
Louis E. Perego Moreno/@TioLouie
Founder & Executive Producer of PRIME LATINO MEDIA, the largest network on the East Coast of independent Latino multimedia-makers, actors and musicians in bilingual Latino and mainstream media, digital and entertainment. A Social Impact Producer and Educator who for 36 years owns Skyline Features, a bilingual (English/Spanish) multimedia and educational production company developing documentaries, television programming and advertising commercials.

FACEBOOK Group: Prime Latino Media
Twitter: @PLMSalon
Vimeo: TioLouie
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