Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rosie Pérez Says Latin Hollywood Told Her Not To ‘Rock The Boat'

“I started calling people on their stuff. I’d say, ‘Listen, things have to change. How come I keep getting 50 million offers to play the crack ho?’” the Puerto Rican actress told King. “And I challenged them on it, and initially, oh my god, the negative response was horrific. And it wasn't just from white Hollywood. It was also from Latin Hollywood. They were telling me to stop trying to rock the boat. And I said, 'The boat needs to be rocked.' "

Check out this blog by Carolina Moreno in The Huffington Post on how Academy Award nominee Rosie Pérez has been a vocal advocate for Latino representation in the media– and how she was often discouraged from being one by Latin Hollywood by clicking here.

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