Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hollywood’s Diversity Sham: How TV and Movies Save Face by Casting Minority Extras

Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterston in a
scene from "The Newsroom" (HBO).
Check out R.H. Greene's article in Salon on how hiring minority background actors lets certain TV and movie productions "off the hook" with regards to diversity in casting by clicking here.


Ray Sanchez said...

Hey after years of neglect Latino's are just noticing that the movie and tv bigwigs continue to appease Latino's with bit parts? Movies and TV are literally Black and White. Or how many more years need to pass before Latino's notice? We are usually the bit part bad guy if you noticed. I guess it took a along time to get bit part status so maybe we shouldn't complain. So let me know when we begin to hit management in the pocket book. I have my sign ready to march (not pay to watch movies with no Latino's), in front of TV stations and Movie theaters. Lets have partiy before I pay for my next movie. I'm tired of TV commercials selling items presented to me by a Black and white family's like Latino's don't buy or use any of the items these large company's sell. So again when do we march for parity and stop buying products sold by the main stream. It's time that we all flow together. Most interesting was when my daughter was not pick for a part because she wasn't Anglo looking enough nothing to to with her acting ability). The irony was disturbing because a Black gilr got the part because it was politically correct. I assume Anglo's don't adopt Latino's. Again I'm ready

Ray Sanchez said...

great comment with some grammar erros but got the pictkure