Monday, September 8, 2014

Demián Bichir Talks Diversity and Latino Representation in Film and TV

Demián Bichir.
I think Latino talent is necessary for this industry in all aspects, not only regarding actors, but also directors, writers and cinematographers. Throughout the years we have demonstrated how much talent we have to offer. I think there is a lack of stories that represent us. New paths are being opened but there is still much more to do. It is very important to have a healthy group of Latino directors, cinematographers, etc. It is not only good for us as Latinos, but it is great for the American industry as well. It's complicated because there are many stereotypes and clichés, and we have to break them as much as we can. The only real way to break through them is to write new projects, new stories about success, stories that can inspire the Latino community. –DEMIÁN BICHIR

Check out this interview of Academy Award-nominated and Ariel Award-winning actor Demián Bichir (currently starring on the FX television series "The Bridge") conducted by Carlos Aguirre of Indiewire, where he talks about diversity in the media and Latino representation by clicking here.

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