Sunday, May 8, 2016

Univision Shuts Down Flama’s Editorial Division

The members of Flama’s editorial team are out of a job. Univision has eliminated the editorial division for the two-year old site.

Alexis Tirado, Flama’s Editorial Director, e-mailed the news to staffers and contributors across the country. An inside source says five staffers, including Tirado, were laid off, as well as eleven freelancers. According to Tirado’s e-mail, “the brand’s videos and social media presence will still be intact.” Described as an over-the-top content network “made by, for and with Hispanic millennials,” Flama launched in 2014. At least two people posted news of the demise of Flama’s editorial team.

No comment yet from Univision regarding the downsizing, what will happen with the website or what’s in store for Flama. For more information, click here

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