Thursday, November 17, 2016

HOLA Member Bochinche

Bochinche refers to “gossip”. In this sense, we use it to mention HOLA members or Friends of HOLA who are getting acting, performance or similarly artistic gigs and/or recognition in the media. The names of HOLA members and Friends of HOLA are listed below in boldface. To see what other HOLA members are doing currently, click here.

Modesto Flako Jiménez, shown at right, was interviewed for the Bushwick Daily blog, where he talked about his life and career as an actor, writer, director, producer, and teacher. He also talked of his latest project, where he co-stars opposite Olander "Big O" Wilson in Furry!/¡La furia! Written and directed by William Blake (and translated by Jiménez and Mariela Regalado), the Brooklyn Gypsies production (which is performed in Spanglish) is scheduled for a November run at The Bushwick Starr, located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. To read the interview, which also mentions his recent HOLA Awards win, click here.

José Yenque, shown at left, has been working on one project after another this year. They include starring in two short films– Sister Deathwish (written by Alex Lang and directed by Lance Larson) and Welcome Back (written and directed by Matías Nilsson)– and the feature film Exodus of the Prodigal Son (written and directed by Andy Rodríguez).

David Zayas, shown at right, is a regular cast member of the upcoming Hulu television series "Shut Eye". Created by Les Bohem, the series also stars Jeffrey Donovan, KaDee Strickland, Susan Misner, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Isabella Rossellini and Angus Sampson. The series is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, December 7, 2016. For more information, click here. Zayas is also returning to tread the boards in New York, where he will star in the play Fringe of Humanity. Written and directed by Paul Calderón, the play's cast includes Calderón, Zayas and William Rothlein, and be presented by Primitive Grace Ensemble (of which Calderón and Zayas are Co-Artistic Directors) in January 2017 at the Access Theater in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood. For more information, click here and here.

Marlene Forté, shown at left, stars opposite Kevin Chamberlin, Allan Miller, and Carol Locatell in the short film Irving (written and directed by Rebecca Feldman). The film is currently in post-production. In addition, she is wrapping up a run of the Oliver Mayer play Blood Match. Directed by Edgar Landa, the Urban Theatre Movement production (in which she stars) is currently running at the Sacred Fools theater in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. For more information (and to get tickets), click here. On television she will have recurring roles on the series "A.P.B." (Fox), and "Altered Carbon" (Netflix).

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