Friday, June 10, 2016

HOLA Member Bochinche

Bochinche refers to "gossip". In this sense, we use it to highlight HOLA members or Friends of HOLA who are getting acting, performance or similarly artistic gigs and/or recognition in the media. The names of HOLA members and Friends of HOLA are listed below in boldface. To see what other HOLA members are doing currently, click here.

Luis Salgado, shown at right in the photo at right, was featured alongside fellow castmates of the Estefan-Estefan-Dinelaris musical On Your Feet! in a article (and adjoining photoshoot) about Tony-nominated choreographer Sergio Trujillo (shown at center in the photo at right). To read the article, click here.

A.B. Lugo and Eduardo Leáñez 
are acting in the feature film The Last Scene. Adapted by Félix Hiciano (who also co-stars and is producing) from the Richard Thomas Henle stage play of the same name, the film is directed by Henle and is currently in production in New York City. For more information, click here.

Elaine Del Valle was featured in an article in the New York Daily News where her role as a producer of the of the popular interactive webseries "Gran'pa Knows Best". The show can be seen on HBO Go, HBO Now, HBO On Demand, and the HBO Latino platformsCreated, co-produced, directed, shot and edited by William D. Caballero, its star is Caballero's own grandfather Víctor Muriel (who voices the title character, itself a 3D model of Muriel). The second season of the webseries will premiere on Friday, June 17, 2016. To read the article, click on the image at left. The show was also named by Remezcla as one of "11 Binge-Worthy Shows Starring Latinos You Shouldn’t Miss", alongside such notable series and webseries such as "Orange Is The New Black", "East Los High", "Narcos", and "The Fosters". To read the article, click here.

Lucio Fernández is an associate producer on the second season of the popular webseries "Get Some" (Kollide TV). Created by Tammi Cubilette, Angelo Lozada and Sonia González-Martínez of T&A Flicks, the webseries is produced by Gloria La Morte and Joseph La Morte, directed by González-Martínez and starring Cubilette and Lozada. The second season premiered on Thursday, June 9, 2016. To see the first webisode of the second season, click here.

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