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NALIP-NY, Tío Louie and HOLA present the Prime Latino Media Salon (June 2013)

Join us for a drink to kick off NALIP Conference and Film Fundraiser at


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New York’s only monthly series for Latino multimedia-makers & actors

New York kicks off the NALIP Annual Conference–
“Spotlight on the Trillion $ Latino Market” in Los Angeles, June 7-9, 2013
plus a Fundraising Competition for Four Narrative Projects

Vote One Winner For 100% of the Proceeds

Host: Tío Louie/Louis E. Perego Moreno
President, Skyline Features

Four Narrative Projects in Competition
•      Daniel Maldonado: H.O.M.E. (Feature Film)
•      Adel L. Morales: Pushing Dreams (TV Drama Series & Webisodes)
•      Anthony Ruiz & Ed Trucco: Truth Will Out (Short Film)
•      Sonia González-Martínez, Angelo Lozada & Tammi Cubilette of T&A: True Hate (Short Film)

VENUE & LOCATION: Bleecker Heights Sports Bar, 296 Bleecker Street @ Seventh Avenue, NYC (enter thru Five Guys Burger Joint and go upstairs). There is a cash bar.

Optional donation for fundraising competition with screening of clips & live voting. One winner announced with winner receiving cash award.

PRIME LATINO MEDIA SALON: a forum for Latinos & supporters to connect and sustain one another in English- and Spanish-language media.

Fundraising Competition:

Vote for One Narrative “Work-in-Progress”

Daniel Maldonado: H.O.M.E.
Synopsis: A feature length film comprised of three character-driven and -distilled vignettes tied in theme to the issues of urban alienation, focusing on being lost, both physically and spiritually – taking place in New York City and told through the immigrant perspective.  The characters in these stories find themselves in an internal struggle with their environment and proceed to navigate through their path of understanding via subway, town car or on foot.
Daniel Maldonado is a director, producer & writer.

Adel L. Morales

Synopsis: A television drama series based on the humble beginnings of a fledgling film production company called “Run It Down Productions.” The show focuses on the struggles and success of two Latinos and a Latina from the Bronx as they navigate the deceptive waters of the independent filmmaking world, while struggling with the demands of work and family.
Adel L. Morales is a director, writer & producer. Currently, he is in the NYU Graduate School Film Program.

Anthony Ruiz

Synopsis: Some people have skeletons in their closet; these two have an entire graveyard – a dark comedy about secrets.
Anthony Ruiz is an actor, writer and director who for over 30 years has appeared in over 20 national television commercials and in several episodes of Law & Order as a guest star. Ed Trucco is an actor, writer, and director who has appeared in many commercials and films, including the critically acclaimed Maria Full Of Grace.
TRUTH WILL OUT to be continued... rough cut. from Ed Trucco on Vimeo.

T&A (Sonia González-Martínez, Angelo Lozada & Tammi Cubilette): TRUE HATE
Synopsis: A short comedic film about a couple who love & hate each other in equal amounts.
The members of T&A were each on their entertainment grind for a long while before they decided to form like comedy Voltron. Tammi Cubilette’s an actor whose notable credit includes John Leguizamo’s TV show House of Buggin’. Angelo Lozada is one of the premiere Latinos comedians in the country. Sonia González-Martínez is a director/editor, whose award-winning documentary Bragging Rights: Stickball Stories aired on PBS. They’ve been creating short comedies since February 2012.

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