Friday, May 24, 2013

...And Introducing Carlos Estévez (aka Charlie Sheen) in MACHETE KILLS

The upcoming Robert Rodríguez film Machete Kills, the sequel to the hit film Machete (which in itself originated from a fake trailer in the movie Grindhouse) is set to be released in theaters on September 13, 2013. The original starred Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodríguez, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marín, Daryl Sabara, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, and others.

The sequel features Trejo, Rodríguez and Alba reprising their roles and are joined in the cast by Sofía Vergara; Demián Bichir; Antonio Banderas; Zoë Saldaña; Edward James Olmos; Amber Heard; Vanessa Hudgens; Alexa Vega; Cuba Gooding, Jr.; Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen (who is playing the President of the United States of America).

Interestingly, Sheen is being credited, for the first time, under his birth name Carlos Estévez (he has Galician Spanish relatives on the side of his father, actor Martin Sheen, Ramón Estévez). While he has been credited as Charles Sheen a handful of times in his career, as the screenshot in the photo above shows, this is the first time he has been credited with his birth (and legal) name.

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