Thursday, December 12, 2013

Report: On-Camera Acting Course with Charles Carroll and Tony Plana

HOLA (through its HOLAfábrica series of workshops and seminars) just completed another cycle of its hugely successful On-Camera Acting course taught by Charles Carroll and Tony Plana.

This time around, it ran at two levels– Level One, for beginner students; and Level Two, for those who had already taken Level One previously. Level One concentrated with on-camera auditions, whereas Level Two dealt with scene work. Both levels ran
for eight sessions, twice a week (Wednesday and Fridays for Level One and Tuesdays and Thursdays for Level Two) over four weeks starting on November 5, 2013 and ending on December 6, 2013 (during the week of Thanksgiving there were no classes for either level). The workshop took place at the rehearsal room of the Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater (FELT), located in the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center (home to HOLA). Students were paired up with scene partners and they would rehearse and present their scenes to be filmed, whereupon they were later reviewed and critiqued by the workshop leaders. HOLA would like to thank Gloria Zelaya and María Moreno of FELT for hosting the workshop and especially Betty Cutie for her assistance during the workshop.

Some of the feedback from the students is below.

• "I was impressed by the amount of time and care the instructor gave each students. They were really encouraging."
"The cost was very reasonable. We got a lot more than I expected."
• "Any camera time is like gold. And being critiqued by Charles and Tony is fantastic."
"It was an incredible experience and a BIG reality check on where I was on my screen abilities but a great empowerment from them both to continue keep getting better."

• "I really walked out of that course with the sense that I learned something."• "Tony and Charles were absolutely fantastic."

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