Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Report on the 2013 HOLAfestival

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) held its 2013 HOLAfestival December 8-10, 2013 at IATI Theater in Manhattan's East Village. A celebration of the written work of HOLA members who are actor-writers, this year's incarnation highlighted two staged play readings and (for the first time ever) an evening of poetry written by HOLA member-poets. The staged play readings consisted of Mine of Crystals, written by Mario Golden and directed by Andreas Robertz, which opened the festival; and La Negra, written by Raquel Almazán and directed by Mei Ann Teo, which closed the festival. Sandwiched between the two staged play readings was an evening of poetry written and performed by A.B. Lugo, Francis Mateo and J.F. Seary.

This year's HOLAfestival was dedicated to the memory of Mauricio Leyton, an HOLA member and supporter who participated in the 2011 HOLAfestival.

HOLA would like to thank, first and foremost, Vivian Deangelo, Winston Estévez and Germán Baruffi of IATI Theater for their hospitality in hosting the festival. Secondly, HOLA would like to thank the playwrights, poets, directors and actors (Claudia Acosta, Almazán, Bill Blechingberg, J.W. Cortés, Patt Franklin, Golden, Michael Mullen, Jay Santiago, Sean C. Turner, Gloria Zelaya) for their participation. Finally, HOLA would like to thank Louis Perego Moreno and Travis Morales

for their assistance on the festival's closing night and all those who attended the readings.

Photos shown below are by Alphabeta Photography. For more photos, click here. Additional photos by Chris Díaz can be seen here.

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