Wednesday, February 18, 2015

¿Español? ¿Inglés? ¿Spanglish? – Either Way, Hollywood Tends To Do It Wrong

"When it comes to Latinos on the screen, Hollywood keeps missing the mark on the way we speak.... For American Latinos, there are certain unspoken rules about what language you speak, and to whom. I know if I ever speak to my parents (native Argentines) in Spanglish, I will get immediately corrected with the word I'm looking for — but can't remember — in Spanish. And if I ever speak to my mom in English — well, I don't do that (she pretends she can't hear me over the phone.)" Jasmine Garsd
Check out this article by Jasmine Garsd of NPR's Code Switch where she highlights the use of Spanish and Spanglish on mainstream U.S. film and television projects (and how they often get it wrong) by clicking here.

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