Sunday, March 31, 2013

New HOLA Short-Term Memberships Available!!

HOLA is pleased to announce a special deal that is available for a SHORT, LIMITED TIME ONLY. We are offering short-term memberships lasting for three, six and nine months. Check out our 39-69-99 deal.

Special three-month membership for $39*
Special six-month membership for $69*
Special nine-month membership for $99*
* Does not include a $15 voiceover designation fee.

What do you get for your short-term membership?

VISIBILITY. Your headshot and resume on our online directory of talent, the HOLA Pages, where you will be seen by casting directors, directors and producers.

ACCESS. You will be considered for casting notices we receive and/or casting notices we will send to you.

NETWORKING. Attend events where you can interact with other performers, directors, filmmakers and other people in the industry.

THE FEELING OF BELONGING. Get mentioned in our acclaimed blog, El Blog de HOLA, and feel part of a group representing the largest growing population in the U.S.– Latinos. According to the U.S. Census, Latinos make up one of every six people in this country.

THE ABILITY TO RE-UP AS YOU CAN. We know the economy is bad. In order to better serve you, we will let you re-up your short-term membership until the end of the year.

Can one still get a yearlong membership from HOLA?
Of course. A yearlong membership is $125* (the best deal) if you live in the NYC metropolitan area. If you live outside the NYC metropolitan area, you get a yearlong
Regional Membership from HOLA at an amazing rate.

How does one become an HOLA member?

It's really simple. Give us a call at (212) 253-1015 and we will do the rest. It's that easy. This special deal is open to new and former members. This offer is open to people in the New York metropolitan area. For those outside the New York metroplitan area, give us a call at (888) 624-HOLA for our Regional Membership (also a fantastic deal).

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Voiceover Thespian said...

How come the regional membership is so much cheaper than the NYC area membership?