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Latino Rebels Creates Digital Network

Latino Rebels
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Latino Rebels Creates Digital Network,
Signs Esaí Morales and Rick Nájera

New York, New York (Saturday, September 19, 2015)  – Online humor and social commentary platform Latino Rebels is expanding its pioneer-setting content into a digital network. Part of the expansion includes original programming such as the Latino Rebels Show with legendary actor Esaí Morales, a new web comedy sketch series developed by award-winning  writer and producer Rick Nájera, live events and an annual conference. In addition, the quantity of's original written content will increase significantly and will also go through a major redesign.

Julio Ricardo Varela.
Award-winning journalist Julio Ricardo Varela, who founded Latino Rebels in 2011, will continue to be the company's majority owner. Entertainment veteran Marlena Fitzpatrick will lead the Latino Rebels Network as the company's new Chief Executive Officer. Héctor Luis Álamo was named Deputy Editor of There will also be a select group of Founding Members who will continue to contribute, serve and advise the company. Programs such as Latino Rebels Radio, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, will continue. 

Marlena Fitzpatrick.
“It's time for Latino Rebels to break through the doors again,” says Varela. "When the group was formed in 2011, we all saw a hunger for more bold, intellectual and unfiltered stories that authentically spoke to the U.S. Latino community. The support has been spectacular and we truly believe that our greatest years are in front of us. To have legends like Esaí Morales and Rick Nájera be part of this group is amazing. I am also thrilled to have Marlena driving this ship and Héctor continuing Latino Rebels’ first-in-class editorial vision. This is one true Equipo de Estrellas, an All-Star Team." 

Héctor Luis Álamo.
"I’m incredibly honored to join Julio Ricardo Varela in the executive team of Latino Rebels Network. We’re creating relevant and entertaining content reflecting the true, intelligent and coolest image of Latinos,  without permeating stereotypes. We’re expanding the unfiltered socio-political conversation and inviting everyone to join in," adds CEO Marlena Fitzpatrick. is a web property of Latino Rebels, LLC, a new media, humor and commentary company covering U.S. Latinos. The Original Latino Rebels are a collective of social media influentials, academics, artists, bloggers, journalists, poets, writers, producers, photographers, and business professionals.

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