Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Deadline Hollywood Editor Apologizes Over "Ethnic Casting" Article

Deadline Hollywood TV editor Nellie Andreeva wrote an article (published Tuesday, March 24, 2015) in the industry publication regarding "ethnic casting" in recent television series and pilots, where she questioned if the "trend" was "too much of a good thing". 

The article received quite the backlash from many in the show business community, including Axel W. CaballeroExecutive Director of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). Shortly thereafter, the website quietly changed its headline, getting rid of its subtitle.

Within a few days, Deadline Hollywood co-Editor-in-Chief Mike Fleming, Jr. apologized on the website in an interview with former Variety editor Peter Bart.

My co-editor-in-chief Nellie Andreeva’s goal was to convey that there was such an uptick of TV pilot casting of people of color that it pinched white actors who’ve historically gotten most of the jobs, and to question if this could last if it was being treated as a fad. All this was undermined by that headline (which we changed after the fact) and a repetition of the word “ethnic” that came off cold and insensitive.

Fleming also added the following.

I wanted to say a few things to our core readers who felt betrayed. That original headline does not reflect the collective sensibility here at Deadline. The only appropriate way to view racial diversity in casting is to see it as a wonderful thing, and to hope that Hollywood continues to make room for people of color. The missteps were dealt with internally; we will do our best to make sure that kind of insensitivity doesn’t surface again here. As co-editors in chief, Nellie and I apologize deeply and sincerely to those who’ve been hurt by this. There is no excuse. It is important to us that Deadline readers know we understand why you felt betrayed, and that our hearts are heavy with regret. We will move forward determined to do better.

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