Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Scam Aimed at HOLA Members

[HOLA has recently uncovered a scam directed at our members. Read below to find out what happened and how you can avoid a situation like this in the future.]

You get a text massage on a holiday from someone (a total stranger) asking you, as a performer, if you are looking for management.

This person mentioned that he used to scout for a record company.

It feels really odd and random, so naturally, you ask how the person got your contact information. The person says he has seen your profile on a website.

So you ask what is this "manager" looking for exactly. He replies, simply, "Talent."

You call the number attached to the text message,
and you get several rings of the telephone until the line disconnects the call.

If this feels like something that doesn't quite make sense, you would most likely be correct. It sounds like a scam.

hat can one do?

Several things to notice that would alert one that this seems like a scam.

• Unless you know the casting director and have a relationship and history with him/her, do not believe a random text message from someone "in the industry".
• The person said he worked (or formerly worked) at a record company, yet he found you on an acting website.
• The person is not remotely clear with you. (He is looking for "talent", he does not specify further.)

Some of our members who received this text message called HOLA.

Upon internet search, this person comes up as a former intern (not a scout) for this record company. He also comes up with a list of complaints lengthier than a rap sheet (some people saying they have received unsolicited requests to "join a casting for a new girl group").

We at HOLA are attempting to gather enough information to refer this matter to the authorities.

HOLA would never have recommended any of its members to this individual as we know nothing about him.

The show business industry is filled with many people who have dreams of stardom. Unfortunately, it is also a ripe environment for scammers who take advantage of a person's desire to "be famous" and "make it big."

What can you do? Ask questions and trust your gut.

If it doesn't seem legitimate, it probably isn't. However, you can always rely on HOLA to investigate on behalf of its members.

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