Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HOLAfábrica presents Accent Reduction Seminar with Glenn Zuraw



Accent Reduction Seminar

Thursday, May 5, 2011
$25 (Non-HOLA members $35)

New and Returning Students

HOLA Office
CSV Cultural and Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street, Suite 302, NYC
(F to Delancey / J M Z to Essex / M14A or M9 bus)

Hey HOLA Actors!

Wanna attend a really cool and fun workshop that is geared to helping you sound more “American?” Ya know, the way Americans “sing” when they speak has a reason and you’ll learn the “why.” If English is your SECOND LANGUAGE or even if you grew up here, in NYC, by attending the workshop, you’ll get some insight on how to sound more “Standard American” and less, well, whatever you sound like now! Sure, that Latin American accent sounds so sexy to us “Americans” and why not learn how to soften it for a role that requires less of it!

Do you know how many different ways you can say the phrase “He likes the color purple?” There are at least six (6) different ways to say that simple phrase and each one is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Come to the workshop and find out how!

We at HOLA look forward to seeing you on the 5th!
Wine and cheese will be served (so that you are more relaxed…).

Glenn Zuraw
Certified ESL Teacher/Accent Reduction Coach

(212) 253-1015
$25 (non-HOLA members: $35)

Thoughts by some of his previous students...
"He [Zuraw] was great, knowledgeable, friendly and engaging."
"He gave us many tips and insights. Very amenable and clear."
"Very fun and informative. [He] dominated the topic."
"Great teacher. Thorough. Many more people can benefit from it."
"The instructor was patient and knowledgeable. Nice, friendly and respectful."

"Very informative, fun and friendly. Helpful."

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