Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Jane The Virgin" Star Jaime Camil Explains Hollywood's Latino Problem With The Perfect Analogy

Hollywood, they make up these Latinos because they have a certain physical type or a certain name or whatever… It’s not that easy. It’s like me wanting to do a movie with an American actor and I say, ‘Hey listen, I have either Johnny Depp or Carrot Top.’ You’ll go, ‘Dude are you f***ing insane? Are you really putting those guys in the same category?’ And my answer would be, ‘Well, yes, they’re both Americans and they both do films.’ That’s kind of a way to explain. There are different categories of Latinos.” –"Jane The Virgin" star JAIME CAMILas told to Latina magazine

To read more about what Jaime Camil says about Hollywood's Latino problem, read Carolina Moreno's blog in Huffington Post, by clicking here. (Above, left to right: Johnny Depp, Carrot Top).

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