Wednesday, April 22, 2015

HOLA Member Bochinche

Bochinche refers to “gossip”. In this sense, we use it to mention HOLA members or Friends of HOLA who are getting acting, performance or similarly artistic gigs and/or recognition in the media. The names of HOLA members and Friends of HOLA are listed below in boldface. To see what other HOLA members are doing currently, click here.

Paul Montoya (see also below), shown at right, is currently in the repertory ensemble of Repertorio Español, where he can be seen in Crónica de una muerte anunciada (written by Gabriel García Márquez and directed by Jorge Alí Triana). For more information about the production (including show times and dates), click here.

Ángelo Mercado, Jr. is guest-starring in a webisode of the upcoming webseries "Marcello". Written, directed and produced by Demedrius Charles, the webseries stars Emmanuel Rodríguez in the title role. For more information, click here, herehere or here.

El Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura en EEUU is presenting its V Festival del Teatro Hispano in May and June at its location in the Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. HOLA members can be found throughout the festival. Some of them are listed below.

Divas de España. Produced by Heredia Productions. Written and performed by Inma Heredia. Directed by Adolfo Vázquez.

• Delirio furiosoProduced by La Caja de los Prejuicios. Written by Caridad del Valle. Directed by del Valle and Paul Montoya (see also above).

• La que hubiera amado tantoProduced by 88 Performing Arts Theatrical Company. Written by Alejandro Licona. Directed by Ernesto De Villa Bejjani.

• Los lagartosProduced by Compañía de Teatro Infantil TS21. Written by Ana Burgos. Directed by Yolanny Rodríguez (see below).

• El rey de FranciaProduced by Corezon Productions. Written by Fermín Reina. Directed by Pablo Andrade and Dimas González.

• Non Tutti I Ladri Vengono Per Nuocere (No hay ladrón que por bien no venga), also known as The Virtuous BurglarProduced by E3Outlaws Productions. Written by Dario Fo. Directed by Enmanuel García Villavicencio.

• Las vueltas que da la vida. Produced by Teatro Las Tablas. Written by Dinorah Coronado and Yolanny Rodríguez (see above). Directed by Antonio Méndez. 

For more information about the V Festival del Teatro Hispano del Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura en EEUU, visit the blog (which is in Spanish) from El Blog de Pablo (written by Pablo García Gámez) by clicking here.

Raúl Rivera and Héctor Luis Rivera (no relation), shown above, from left to right, were featured in the Héctor Luis Sin Censura blog, where their participation in the play Simón del desierto was highlighted. Produced by Teatro Experimental Blue Amigos (TEBA) and Compañía Hispana de Actores Sobresalientes (CHAS), the play was adapted from the film by Luis Buñuel (and the dramatic poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson) and directed by Emir Cruz, the play will also feature Piedad Castaño, Digna Carvajal, Kevin Pérez, Juana Medina, José Encarnación, Félix Medina Ureña, Melisa Medina Ureña, and Lorendy Rosario. The production will be presented in May at the Broadway Blackbox Theater, located in Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood. To read the blog (which is in Spanish), click here.

Caicedo Productions, in association with Pregones/PRTT and Teatro Círculo, is presenting the tenth anniversary of The ONE Festival of solo shows. It will take place in April and May at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, located in the theater district of midtown Manhattan. HOLA members involved with the festival are listed below.

The Naked Truth. Written and performed by Rick Herrera. Directed by Víctor Cruz and Enlightment.

Manchild Machismo. Written and performed by A.B. Lugo. Directed by Omar Pérez.

Freestyle Friday. Written by Andrés Chulisi Rodríguez and Rhina Valentín. Performed by Valentín. Directed by Rodríguez.

For more information about The ONE festival (including performance dates and times, and how to buy tickets), click here or here.

Olga Merediz and Sejal Shah, shown above, from left to right, were featured in Entertainment Weekly, where they were highlighted for the work they did on The Make It Fair Project's recent video satire of a public service announcement, entitled "#MakeItFair". The project, which aims to bring about gender equality, created the video directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, which features an all-female cast of over 70 (including Rita Wilson, Mamie Gummer and Annie Parisse) extolling the belief that while men are represented in such a large percentage in the media, men "deserve 100 percent of everything". To read the article, click here. To see the video, click below (Shah and Merediz can be first seen at about 0:08-0:09 of the video).

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