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Tío Louie Reporta: Countdown to Cannes– 7 DAYS OF 7 NY LATINOS AT CANNES 2015 (Part 3)

HOLA is proud to present Tío Louie Reporta, where filmmaker and Executive Producer of Prime Latino Media, Louis Perego Moreno (also known as Tío Louie) interviews actors and multimedia-makers in the business.

Something is abuzz. With internationally acclaimed Latinos winning Academy Awards for Best Director two consecutive years, PRIME LATINO MEDIA is proud to announce that seven talented and accomplished Latino multimedia-makers and actors from the familia are climbing up the career ladder in a short film at the Cannes Film Festival from May 13-24, 2015. Acceptance into the Festival de Cannes with their film will benefit from a prime viewing position within the Short Film Corner. U.S. Latinos are taking the world over by storm in media and entertainment and our New Yorkers are part of the revolution.

Countdown: Day 3 of 7
BRANDON POLANCO: Vicky and Jonny

Actor-turned-director/producer/screenwriter Brandon hails from the heart of Texas– Austin– and he’s off to Cannes for wheeling, dealing, and trust me, for some good, ol' well-deserved fun. At this stage in his career with four films in his pocket and a fifth in post-production, the spark at the core behind traveling to the Festival de Cannes is about, “I am motivated to make contacts, and get financing to back my work.
Short Film: Vicky and Jonny
Director/Screenwriter:  Brandon Polanco
Synopsis: The narrative follows a woman's journey dealing with her memories, and how forgiveness is her only weapon in taking control of her life.

      After doing a few productions for others and yourself, what came first with this commissioned project, the story or the actors? I know the lead actor in this short film, Arturo Castro, because he asked me to direct a webseries. We became friends. Eventually he told me about an actor-friend, Tina Marie Tanzer, who was trying to do a short film. We got together and we just gelled as artists and our connection evolved into a professional, collaborative relationship. She wanted to do a film and I wanted to do a project.
      The lead female character, Vicky, is the heart of the film. Describe your reasoning for playing with the sound of a pulsating heartbeat as part of the audio track and the particular song for the last scene. I wanted the memories to feel like memories and not just flashbacks. I love film beyond visuals and in this project to go in her mind by injecting the heartbeat that flows into your head.  The lead actress, Tina, was the one pushed for the music at the end to accentuate the breakup.
     •     How did you come about this particular story? When I write, I meditate a lot before writing and I see images. My work is very poetic and passionate. I spent a lot of time thinking about this story. Originally these were very rough, vindictive characters. The lead female character was the soul of the film. She was in the midst of a breakup. I wrote five versions of this script. When I finally got there, I realized that this was not a dark, vindictive project. I needed to step away from that world which typified my own dark nature and I had to step aside, just like Vicky stepped away from Jonny. I found my strength from the character of Vicky. It was all about, "I am going to be better than lying and running." She represented something feminine, yet enabling her with the capability to have her swan song. It was about an enlightening moment in which she was going to step away and find forgiveness to take control of her life. I am glad that there was organized crime in the life of the protagonist that we find intriguing, yet at the same time find something slightly unfamiliar about it.

Louis E. Perego Moreno (also known as Tío Louie) is President of Skyline Features, he is an interactive content producer and educator who for the past 33 years has owned a bilingual (English- and Spanish-language) multimedia and educational production company developing documentaries, television programming and advertising commercials featuring Latinos, 
Blacks, Women, Urban Youth and LGBT people. He is also the Executive Producer of Prime Latino Media, the largest network of Latino multimedia-makers and actors in the metropolitan New York area that gather once a month to interview proven leaders in the community.

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