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Tío Louie Reporta: Countdown to Cannes– 7 DAYS OF 7 NY LATINOS AT CANNES 2015 (Part 2)

HOLA is proud to present Tío Louie Reporta, where filmmaker and Executive Producer of Prime Latino Media, Louis Perego Moreno (also known as Tío Louie) interviews actors and multimedia-makers in the business.

Something is abuzz. With internationally acclaimed Latinos winning Academy Awards for Best Director two consecutive years, PRIME LATINO MEDIA is proud to announce that seven talented and accomplished Latino multimedia-makers and actors from the familia are climbing up the career ladder in a short film at the Cannes Film Festival from May 13-24, 2015. Acceptance into the Festival de Cannes with their film will benefit from a prime viewing position within the Short Film Corner. U.S. Latinos are taking the world over by storm in media and entertainment and our New Yorkers are part of the revolution.

Countdown: Day 2 of 7
SEBASTIÁN REA: Sudden Strangers

An old soul, Ecuadorian-American filmmaker Sebastián heads to the French Riviera for Cannes Film Festival 2015. Though he’s under the age of 30, the already seasoned filmmaker  and artistic entrepreneur believes, “Be confident. There’s nothing like someone who is passionate about their work and research because you exude a completely different energy that becomes infectious when you tap other people to be involved.

Director: Sebastián Rea (from Ecuador)
Screenwriters: Rea; Wilberto Rivera, Jr.
Editors: Matthew Charof; Rea
Synopsis: A narrative film set in NYC exploring the increase of domestic shootings in the United States of America.

    ·      How would you categorize your film—is it a social thriller? It’s important that films tell a story that is relevant. Films can be entertaining. But it’s good to have a film that makes you reflect on life and society. I want it to be a direct analysis of how and where you’re living. We live in a privileged society and often in a bubble. We don’t wake up in the morning and have to fear what’s happening outside of our window. I want to jolt the audience and make them feel uncomfortable and this happens everywhere. [Rea is shown at right with Tío Louie in the photo above.]
    ·      How did you cast Emmanuel Rodríguez for the lead role in the film? He was a friend first. He was an actor who wanted to do something bigger than was available to him. I wanted to work with him. We also wanted to get to the bottom of who Adam was and future generations of kids. [Rodríguez is shown above in a scene from Sudden Strangers.]
    ·      How did you cast the mom in the film? Lorraine Vélez played the mom. She came from a NY trade publication, Backstage. She brought something very true to the character and she connected with Emmanuel, who played her son and I wanted to bring that energy to the screen. 
    ·      How do you feel about your film going to Cannes? I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to screen this film there and this will be a great stepping-stone, as well as for my cast and crew and to share this story with the world at large. And it’s also about the next film – it’s a constant growth and learning process.

    For more information about Sudden Strangers, click here

Louis E. Perego Moreno (Tío Louie) is President of Skyline Features, he is an interactive content producer and educator who for the past 33 years has owned a bilingual (English- and Spanish-language) multimedia and educational production company developing documentaries, television programming and advertising commercials featuring Latinos, Blacks, Women, Urban Youth and LGBT people. He is also the Executive Producer of Prime Latino Media, the largest network of Latino multimedia-makers and actors in the metropolitan New York area that gather once a month to interview proven leaders in the community.


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