Tuesday, July 7, 2015

HOLA Member Bochinche

Bochinche refers to “gossip”. In this sense, we use it to mention HOLA members or Friends of HOLA who are getting acting, performance or similarly artistic gigs and/or recognition in the media. The names of HOLA members and Friends of HOLA are listed below in boldface. To see what other HOLA members are doing currently, click here.

Robert Almonte, shown at right, was featured in the Héctor Luis Sin Censura blog (written by Héctor Luis Rivera), where his co-starring in the sketch comedy show "Locos y Contentos" (Estrella TV) was mentioned. Almonte has a few film projects in various forms of production. They include See You Soon (written by Danilo Arroyo, Jensson Cruz and Eddy Jiménez and directed by Arroyo), which also stars Kiki Meléndez (see below) and Ayanery Reyes; Un delincuente en Nueva York (written and directed by Rafael Marín), which also stars Meléndez; and Dos Adios (written and directed by Víctor Yanik). To read the Héctor Luis Sin Censura blog, which is in Spanish, click here.

Plinio Villablanca, shown at left, booked a role in the Columbia University thesis film El corte mejor (written and directed by Frank Graziano) due to an e-mail announcement he received from HOLA with the casting notice in it, whereupon he self-submitted.

Kiki Meléndez (see above) wrote an article entitled "Raising Kick Ass Kids" in the August 2015 issue of Latina magazine.

Juan Carlos Díaz is acting in the Sam Graber play Driving Herd. Directed by Vincent Scott, the two-hander will be presented as part of the Piney Fork Press Play Festival taking place in July at the New York Public Library Alvin Ailey Auditorium located in the Manhattanville/West Harlem area of Manhattan. For more information, click here or here.

Edna Lee Figueroa booked a role in the television series "Mad Dogs" (Amazon), which stars Michael Imperioli, Billy Zane, Steve Zahn, and Ben Chaplin.

Alberto Bonilla booked a role in Youth in Oregon (written by Andrew Eisen and directed by Joel David Moore). The film stars Christina Applegate, Billy Crudup and Frank Langella.

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