Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Film & Television Production Company Silvercup Studios Opening Up Shop In The Bronx

Map of the South Bronx. The site of the
future Silvercup Studios is shown by the
red pin at bottom left, while the future
York Studios site is shown by the red pin
at the upper right of the map.
Courtesy of Welcome2TheBronx.com.
Just four months after York Studios announced the purchase of 10-acre lot to construct a total of 300,000 square foot film and television production facility in the Soundview section of The Bronx, the Wall Street Journal now reports that Silvercup Studios is moving into the South Bronx in the neighborhood of Port Morris adding an additional 120,000 square feet to their facilities which are located in Long Island City, Queens.

The Bronx location of Silvercup Studios will be house four production studios belonging at 295 Locust Avenue, overlooking the East River, while the York Studios lot will overlook the Bronx River. For more information, check out Ed García Conde's blog in Welcome 2 The Bronx by clicking here.

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