Friday, April 29, 2011


Below is a list of new (and returning) HOLA members who joined between March 1, 2011 and April 30, 2011. (Note that "returning members" refer those members who have returned to HOLA after having their memberships expire for some time and do not include renewing members.)

(Top row, left to right): J.A. Acevedo, Julio Agustín; (second row, left to right): Marisol Burgos, Erika Cazeneuve; (third row, left to right): Robin De Jesús, Francisco Díaz; (fourth row, left to right): Jessica Díaz, Casandra Kate Escobar; (fifth row, left to right): Andrea L. García, Ignacio García Bustelo; (sixth row, left to right): Jeffrey Hernández, Lerubi López; (seventh row, left to right): Nerea Lovecchio, Karla Mayté; (eighth row, left to right) Gloribell Mercado, Ángelo Mercado, Jr.; (ninth row, left to right) Ray Montañez, Robmariel Olea; (tenth row, left to right) Ayanery Reyes, Fernando Reyes; (eleventh row, left to right) Elizabeth Rivera de García, Ángel Salas; (twelfth row, left to right) Alba Sánchez, Lisandra Sánchez Rivera Payán; (thirteenth row, left to right) Jayson Simba, Pastor Torres; (bottom row, left to right) Silvia Tovar, José Yenque.

Not pictured: Dinah Infante, Carlos Leonel, Isis Velázquez.

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