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Adam López - Spanish-Australian singer with EXPANSIVE range (six octaves)

Adam López Costa, billed as Adam López (born 26 August 1972 in Brisbane, Australia), is a pop musician, vocal coach, and session vocalist. He is noted for his ability to produce extremely high notes in his whistle register and for his extensive vocal range. He is currently a Guinness World Record holder for singing the highest note by a male – a half step above the C in the 8th octave (C8), or a half-step above the highest note on a standard 88-key piano.

He was born the second of three boys, born to Spanish emigrés to Australia, Manuel Jesús López Pérez and María Del Rosario Costa Velasco. Both of his parents were musicians. Having started singing at the age of three, he was a treble (boy soprano) by age ten. After finishing high school, Lopez studied voice at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music at Griffith University in Australia. He spent five years there studying opera although he spent a total of 10 years developing his distinctive vocal abilities.

In addition to solo work, he has worked as a session vocalist, singing backing vocals for Mariah Carey and Debelah Morgan (both of whom are known for their high whistle register notes), as well as Keith Urban, Vanessa Amorosi, and other Australian artists. He has also worked in television and radio.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, he holds the world record for highest vocal note produced by a male. That pitch is designated C8 in note-octave notation; it is one semitone above the highest note on a standard grand piano or 4435 Hz. Before achieving this record, he held the previous Guinness World Record for singing a D7 in 2003. He broke his own record in June 2005. He is said to have a six-octave range; his tessitura, however, lies in the tenor range. He can be classified as a sopranist, because of his ability to sing like a soprano.

He has released the albums Popera in 2005, Showstopper in 2006 and Till The End of Time in 2008. Till the End of Time is a Latin music album. For more information, go to

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Breaking the world record on Australian television in 2005

Singing (and accompanying himself on piano) the Mariah Carey song "Emotions"

Demonstration of his six-octave range (E

Singing "Till the End of Time" live on Australian television

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