Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Report: The ABCs of a One-Person Show with RUTHY OTERO

Ruthy Otero conducted an intro to her The ABCs of a One-Person Show workshop on Monday, December 2, 2013 at the HOLA office. HOLA member Otero, who flew in from Los Angeles to conduct the workshop, showed students the best way to find the story that only they can tell, how to set themselves so that writing is easy and gave ways on how to produce a solo show without "breaking the bank". In addition, the students were given short writing exercises, some of which were read aloud and were taught exactly what the "ABCs" of a one-person show are. Otero has written and performed four solo shows in both New York and Los Angeles.

Some of the feedback from the students are below.

• Ruthy Otero is a wonderful individual with a lot of information, guidance and general appreciation for everyone.
• She had awesome energy. Great!
• Ruthy Otero is amazing, awesome and engaging.
• Engaging, funny, held my interest for two whole hours.
• Ruthy was full of gold nuggets.
• [Ruthy] was very energetic and passionate.
• [The workshop] is very informative.
• [Otero is] very animated and funny.
• She knows her stuff.
• I was able to get a clear idea of what to do.
• I really wanted to figure out what to write about– the exercises helped pull out the stories and possibilities.
• Very informal but also very inspiring.
• [Ruthy Otero showed me that] writing can be easy.
• Great inspiration by someone who has had much success in the field that I love.
• Very professional.
• This workshop is essential and should be given frequently.


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