Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pope Francis Named First Latino TIME Person of the Year

Person of the Year is an annual issue of the United States newsmagazine Time that, since 1927, features and profiles a person, group, idea or object that "for better or for worse, ...has done the most to influence the events of the year".

Outside of years when an abstract group of people or thing or concept were selected (1950's The American Fighting-Man, 1956's The Hungarian freedom fighter, 1960's American scientists, 1966's The Inheritor, 1969's The Middle Americans/The Silent Majority, 1975's American Women, 1982's The Computer, 1988's The Endangered Earth, 1993's The Peacemakers, 2002's The Whistleblowers, 2003's The American soldier, 2005's The Good Samaritans, 2006's You [individual content creators of the world wide web], 2011's The Protestor), there was never a Latino selected as Person of the Year.

Until now.

Argentine-born Pope Francis (
Jorge Mario Bergoglio Sívori) was named the 2013 Person of the Year by Time magazine. He is the third pontiff to receive the honor, after Pope John XXIII (1962) and Pope John Paul II (1994). To read more, click here.

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