Friday, January 20, 2017

Tax Incentives Boost On-Location Filming In Los Angeles To Record Levels

On-location film and TV production hit record levels in Los Angeles last year – at least in recent years – thanks in large part to the state’s upgraded $330 million annual film incentives program. On-location feature film production was up 6.2% over 2015, and on-location TV production was up 4.8%, despite a weak fourth quarter.

Last year, L.A. saw 39,605 on-location shooting days, defined as one crew’s permission to film at one or more locations served by FilmLA, the city’s film permit office, during a 24-hour period. The data does not include on-the-lot filming at the major studios and networks or on certified soundstages. 

That’s an increase of nearly 10,000 shooting days from 2011 – an increase of nearly 33% — when the state incentives were a third of what they are now.

For more information, read David Robb's article in Deadline by clicking here.

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