Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Hollywood, Latino Stereotypes Are All Too Real

Eva Longoria and "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry agreed to co-produce a television series with Latinas in the lead roles for ABC. The name of the show-- "Devious Maids."

It was based on the popular Mexican telenovela "The Disorderly Maids of the Neighborhood."

Amid criticism, ABC decided not to pick up the series.

Check out this article by Rubén Navarrete, where he proposes another television series with Latina leads (including Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, pictured above), by clicking here.


lapinlap said...
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Anonymous said...

The show could have worked if she emphasized there would be Latino homeowners with Latino maids. For example, a Filipino man with an Afro-Latina wife. The cultures are similiar and we as an audience could learn. The neighbors could be a white man with a Eurasian wife. The Eurasian wife learns Spanish because she's often mistaken as Latina, perhaps even the maid. There could be situations where she's spoken to in spanish, racially targeted, constantly asked where's she from, told she doesn't looked mixed (just Asian). The Latina maid's boss could also be a Latina who has made money with this cleaning service. The Latina maid owner could also have Russian and American maids of both genders working for her. There could be an Asian nurse with a Southern accent for a dying father.

This show on maids could have worked IMO.

Anonymous said...

I also think if the show showed a progress in these maids life. One opens a business, or graduates from school and moves on, one decides to remain a maid but remain her own boss. A maid has a relative who is a professor, realtor, etc. Perhaps one maid is also an actress. The show could open eyes to Hollywood casting for Latinas. Being a maid is a good job if you are an actress. It gives you flexiblity. I think this show could have worked with a better plan.

hilda dada said...
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