Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HOLA Member Bochinche

Bochinche refers to "gossip." In this sense, we use it to mention HOLA members or Friends of HOLA who are getting acting and performance gigs. The names of HOLA members and Friends of HOLA are in boldface.

Éric-Dominique Pérez
and Robmariel Olea are the subjects of stories in the Escenario Neoyorquino (New York Stage) column written by Fernando Campos in this week's El Especial
magazine-- the former for his recently bowed, self-penned solo show El Gringuito (directed by A.B. Lugo) at Teatro LATEA and the latter for her joining the cast of Repertorio Español's En el tiempo de las mariposas. Also on the same page is noted Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa. To read the respective articles (which are in Spanish), click on the photo at left.

Yanelba Ferreira can be seen this week (Wednesday night) in a co-starring role on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (NBC), where she shares a scene with series regular Danny Pino. In addition, she booked a role on "Fatal Encounters" (Investigation Discovery).

Rodney Roldán will be seen next on the small screen opposite Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers in the television movie "American Warships" (SyFy). He will follow this up with a role in "FBI: Criminal Pursuit"
(Investigation Discovery). In addition, he will tread the boards as one of the actors in the 9th annual Raymond J. Flores Short Play Series presented by Around The Block/Al Doblar La Esquina. The plays are written by Julius Landau, Terry McFadden, Matthew Sheridan and Allan Yashin, respectively, are directed by Susanne Traub, Camille Monte, Elise Marenson and Ginger Kipps, respectively, and will be presented on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the New York Public Library Grand Central Branch, located in Manhattan's Murray Hill neighborhood. For more information, click here.

Lorraine Rodríguez was seen acting in two segments of the hidden camera, ethical dilemma series "What Would You Do?"
for ABC News (hosted by John Quiñones). 

Ana María Estrada, shown at right, c
an be seen on the big screen opposite Eva Mendes in the feature film Girl in Progress (written by Hiram Martínez and directed by Patricia Riggen). The movie opened in theaters this past weekend worldwide. For more information, click here.

Christopher James López co-produced (along with Ángelo López [no relation]
and Leo Kei Angelos) and starred in this teaser for the upcoming webseries "Auror's Tale."  The teaser, directed by Angelos, can be seen below.

If you are an HOLA member or a Friend of HOLA and want to submit a bochinche item, send us an e-mail at holagram@hellohola.org. If you are not an HOLA member, why not join? If you are not a Friend of HOLA, why not become one?

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