Monday, March 24, 2014

NuvoTV's Latest Project Is Groundbreaking For Latinos

In the second part of a two-part series of blogs by A.B. Lugo for El Blog de HOLA called "Television for U.S. Latinos", suggestions were proposed in order to reach the target audience of television networks catering to U.S. Latinos (such as mun2, nuvoTV, Fusion and El Rey).

One of the suggestions was the following.

• Vary your programming– I get the appeal of reality television. It is cheap to produce, often includes celebrities and very often brings in high ratings (cf. "Braxton Family Values", "I Love Jenni"). And as much as it would tickle me to watch a "Real Housewives of San Juan[, Puerto Rico]" or an "Estefan Family Values", don't rely on reality-heavy programming. It's the viewing equivalent of eating only junk food. Try a more balanced diet of scripted, sports, music and documentary programming. That way, a network can offer something for everyone. If a network wants to air theatrically-released films that have been of interest to Latinos (e.g. Mama, any of the Fast and the Furious series, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones), try perhaps once a month (or preferably  more often), including independent films created by and/or about Latinos (e.g. Gun Hill RoadInstructions Not IncludedA Miracle in Spanish Harlem, among others). It is important to support Latino filmmakers and to let them know there is another outlet for their work to be displayed. [Color and bold text added for emphasis.]

Well, it seems that nuvoTV has taken that particular suggestion. Check out Tanisha Love Ramírez's Cosmopolitan blog about the network's new series "Nu Point of View: The Emerging Latino Filmmakers" (hosted by Gina Rodríguez and which premiered Wednesday, March 19, 2014), a spotlight for indie Latino writers, producers and directors by clicking here.

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