Friday, January 17, 2014

Meet Ben Silverman, The Man Mining English-Language Latino Content for U.S. Television

Producer Ben Silverman.
As the fastest growing U.S. demographic, U.S. Latinos, which have an estimated $1.5 trillion dollar spending power. Networks are trying to cater to the burgeoning population, as are film studios (confer Paramount's recent Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones).

Ben Silverman, with his production company, Electus, has known about this for quite some time; he's even been ahead of the curve. 

Back in 2006 he teamed up with Salma Hayek and Silvio Horta to produce "Ugly Betty" (based on the Colombian telenovela "Betty La Fea"), which ran for four years on ABC from 2006–2010.  He also extends his interest of Latino themed projects to film. Silverman is also currently producing Hands of Stone, about the life of legendary Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán.

To read more of his latest projects, check out Bel Hernández's article in Latin Heat by clicking here.

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