Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June 26th thru June 29th, 7:30pm
Pregones Theater
571 Walton Ave. Bronx, NY 10451


We are excited to announce our 4 performances of THE TEMPEST, a theater piece directed by Luis Salgado. These performances are the result of creative collaboration between professional and aspiring artists from Latin America, the Caribbean, and New York City.

This riveting and multilingual production crowns this year’s joint run of the Beyond Workshop Series and Raúl Juliá Training Unit with a 21st Century Latinx take on Shakespeare. The Bard of Avon’s heightened language meets the rich sonority and rhythms of Latinx cultures, and artists get to bring their full selves to bear on the story’s comedy, drama, betrayal, and magic!

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Luis Salgado
Devised by Ian Hersey, Leon Ingulsrud and Luis Salgado

Alice Roschuni, Emily Tafur, Francisco J. Rivera Rodriguez, Genesis Perdomo, Ismael Castillo, Jessica Carmona, Johanna Jhonston Bermudez, John Burgos, Josefina Lausirica, Laura D. Bustamante Lopez, Lisa Burgos, Maria J. Gutierrez Beron, Mariana Herrera Juri, Marlon Fernando Reina, Matthew Ting, Megan Khaziran, Melibelle Lavandier, Laura Lebrón, Richel Ruiz, Samantha, Wallington, Samuel Garnica, Tatiana Ronderos, Valeria Pérez, Vanina Frezza,Victoria Ric

Choreography Matthew Steffens, Ray Mercer, Valeria Cossu, Gabriela García
Lighting design Christopher Annas-Lee
Music Director Desmar Guevara

R.Evolución Latina partners with Pregones/PRTT Raul Julia Training unit, furthering the legacy of Miriam Colón and Raul Julia

Congratulations to Sergio Trujillo

2019 Tony Awards for Best Choreography

Sergio Trujillo, Colombian-born Broadway choreographer, wins Tony Award for best choreography for his work on Ain't Too Proud. m.youtube.com/watch?v=A3KcAYA0lVk

"I arrived in New York City over 30 years ago as an illegal immigrant," said Trujillo. "I stand here as proof for all those Dreamers...Keep on fighting, because change will come!"

ain't too proud - The Life and Times of the Temptations 
Imperial Theatre
249 West 45th St.

Click here for NBC NEWS article.

Saturday, June 8, 2019


FREE public reading at NY's IATI theater of 
HOLA Member, Marco Antonio Rodriguez's new play

Fri, June 14th at 8pm
IATI Theater
64 E. 4th St. NYC 10003

A new play in English written by Marco Antonio Rodriguez
As part of IATI's CIMIENTOS Play Development Program
Directed by Jorge B. Merced
Starring:  Elise Santora  & Jose Maria Aguila.

After being taken, imprisoned and tortured for what has been deemed a “shameful” lifestyle, a man returns to his hometown to face the woman who will determine his fate.  As the clock inches towards a final decision, the battle for life, truth and understanding is shaken by unexpected revelations that challenge preconceived ideas and the true meaning of unconditional love.

Go to IATI Theater website for more details.


Luis Carlos de la Lombana                             Scene from El Credito                    

HOLA Member, Luis Carlos de la Lombana, is appearing at Repertorio Español in EL CRÉDITO and EL CORONEL NO TIENE QUIEN LE ESCRIBA.  

He has also appeared in the tv episodic, BLACKLIST, as “Robert Vesco” (ep. 613), in the opening scene alongside James Spader.

Go to Repertorio Español website for more details and to buy tickets. 

HOLA Member Mario Golden's novel "Semillas"
highlighted in article on DESOCUPADO website. 

Mario Golden

"Semillas" is a novel in which varied themes are tackled, such as Gabriel's broken dreams, the dark entrails of power and torture, the struggle for homosexual liberation and his love affair with the trade union left, the naivety of love and of human relations, the sorority of feminist women or not with gays; nonetheless it focuses the gaze of the gay world through the eyes of Gabriel; a young man dissatisfied with how he lives his sexuality, how the gay world offers him to live it, in front of which he rebels and questions the desire, love, relationships, but also the sociopolitical context in which he lives.

Go to Desocupado website to read article.

Thursday, May 30, 2019


Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Presents:
By Victor Vauban Junior
Directed by Victor Vauban Junior

MAY 30 – JUNE 16
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

155 First Avenue 
(Between 9th and 10th Streets)
New York, NY 10003
Telephone: (212) 254-1109
Click to buy tickets.**

**Discount available to HOLA members at the box office only.
Email Monica at
holagram@hellohola.org for more details.
How well do we know ourselves? How well do we know our family members? Why sometimes, we don’t get along with a family member or a neighbor? Dr. King once said, “People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don't know each other; they don't know each other because they have not communicated with each other.”

“T.R.U.T.H.” is a gut-wrenching social drama that depicts two different moments in our society where innocent lives take unexpected turns. There are men behind bars trying to make sense of the reasons that landed them there, or a teenager transgender girl in desperate pursuit of acceptance at home and in society. This piece seeks to ignite a conversation with a different perspective on topics afflicting our society today and at the same time to bring awareness to the reasons why America is the number one country in the world with the biggest population of incarcerated men of color. Why it is so hard to accept a family member who does not fit the model society has already established for us? Many may think they have the answer to everything until they see this play.


Xavier Michael, Janet Conroy-Quirk, Valery Vincent, Kevin Leonard, Daniel Lugo, Marlene Villafane, Yvette Quintero, Estiven Quezada, Tyler Ortiz and Andy Price.
TECHNICAL / PRODUCTION STAFFVictor Vauban Junior – Selear Duke – Jarel Williams – Geoffrey Christopher

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Join HOLA Member Monica Delgado in a screening of her film
Bx3M @ LATEA'S Open Screen

Tuesday, June 4th @ 7pm
May 11, 18, 25 and June 1
For Maria and Mona, graduation means fulfilling a dream. For Michael, it means dashing all hope of a better future. You either make the grade or you don’t – in academics or love – and that makes all the difference. A timeless story of love and revenge, drugs and violence… Breaking free of the past to love and be loved. BX3M: Sometimes love is the endgame.